The winner of the main event was Ed Gelder in his venerable Ferrari 750 Monza.  The serial number of this car is 0552 and was owned and driven by Harry Schell in Europe.  Schell offered it for sale at $4,800 in R&T.  Chinetti imported it and sold the car to Gelder who campaigned it from 1957 to 1960.
 A happy day for Gelder as he takes the checkered flag from Tex Hopkins.
 The Legend, Ted Rounds in the ‘57 Sebring car brakes for the last turn.  Rounds would finish 3rd in the all MG race behind Bob Bucher and Monty Allen.
 Rounds is chasing #60 W. Block down The Chute and onto the back straight.  Block would be far behind in 11th.
 BARC driver Ted Rounds takes the ex factory car past the start finish line.  Note on the LF the NY State license plate.  Watkins Glen was only 60 miles from Binghamton and Ted drove the car to the races and back.
 Big Jake Bob Bucher takes the win in the MG race.  The 029 MG won many races with Bucher at the wheel.  Over the years Bucher became the winningest driver at Watkins glen with 9 first place finishes.
 Two 17 year old BAEC founders, Dave Nicholas and Joe Tierno sit in Dave Zych’s salmon pink TD.  Zych’s car was the first MG to be owned by a BARC member.
 Tierno leaps into the TD as if making a LeMans start. Butch Hollenbeck (head turned) and Nicholas are taking a more casual approach. today, a gas station and convenience store still occupy the corner of Franklin and route 329.  This corner is famous as the turn that took cars up the hill during those early street races.
 Tierno looks concerned as he stands behind the BARC and Jakes Stable stickered TD.  Butch Hollenbeck is equally concerned.  Butch’s Dad owned a great bar in Montour Falls called Phil’s.  Today, Butch’s son and grandson race Datsun 240Z’s with great success.
 More art from the eye of Dave Zych.  The beautiful brooklands windscreen, split lens goggles, Bell helmet and ray dot mirrors on Don Aylesworth’s TR-e.
 More art showing Don’s SCCA hat (he was also a flag marshal) and twin blue stripes.
 Vestal’s Jim Forno in a rare and beautiful Cisitalia.  Forno would take the 1500cc car to 5th overall and first in FM.
 Jim Flynn in and older Ferrari 212.  The 3 stripes on the rear fender indicate that Flynn is a novice in one of his first 3 races.  The car was a dnf
 Norm Sayah’s Evla MkII was second overall in the main race. This shot was taken as the cars left the chicane and started downhill on what we called The Chute.
 The tech inspection sticker put on the dash of the MGA driven by J Gibbons.  I think this car might have been a twin cam.  If you look closely at the tach (far left) the red line seems to be at 6500 rather than 6000.
 Bucher’s Lotus 11 Club.  Bucher bought the car to replace the Allard.  He was successful with it but missed the power and sold it in favor of an RSK Porsche in 1960.
 The backyard of Smalley’s Garage where cars lined up for tech inspection.  Bucher’s Lotus is getting the final look over.  Jake would win the unrestricted race in the fastest time of the weekend.  We are not sure why he did not enter the main race for all modifieds.
 Inspection completed, the big guy fires up the Lotus to take back to the motel.
 Joe Tierno stares longingly at the Ferrari 500 Mondial that would be driven by Don Peters.  The car was owned by Jack Brewer who also drove from time to time.  Later in 1959 Bob Bucher drove the car in the Grand Prix.  Peters was a dnf.
 Spankey, with cigar in mouth, is giving Joe Tierno *blue jacket) a hard time about something as he takes 029 through tech inspection.
 As with Ted Rounds, Spankey drove 029 from Endicott to the Glen.  He put a custom “racket buster” muffler to avoid the State Police stopping him for no muffler.
 Jim Forno’s second car for the weekend was this lovely Morgan +4.  Jim always took a few cars to The Glen, some he sold on the spot.  This car he raced to a disappointing 14th in the F & E production event.
 Archie Means in his all conquering AC Bristol arrives at the track with a thrilled Dave Nicholas in the passengers seat.  I don’t recall how many bugs I swallowed on the way up, but the crackling noise of that big 6 cylinder as we wound up the hill is with me still.
 Butch Hollenbeck asks Nicholas “how was it”.  Dave still sits in the car.
 ArchieMeans is looking at something and Nicholas just sits and refuses to get out of the car.
 Not a race car, but a beautiful Siata gets checked out at a Franklin St station.
 The big Healey of D. Asmuth gets a push into tech.  Hollenbeck heads over to lend a hand.
 J Sheldon brings his slightly smashed MGA into tech.  While there is no number we have another photo of the car later in the day.
 At the track, J Sheldon sits on the fender of his MGA. On the rear fender we can see he has 3 novice stripes. Sheldon did fine finishing 13th of 18.
 The number 99 Alfa pulls in behind the Ferrari Mondial.  Our results don’t show anything for a #99 and perhaps the number was changed.
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