Bill Sadler brought his Chevy powered special down from the Toronto area and won easily.
 Sadler was competitive against everybody,   Several times in 1958 he was able to get ahead of the Scarabs and the Cunningham Lister-Jaguars.
 Cameron Argetsinger congratulates Bill Sadler’s wife as he receives a victory kiss before the checkered flag lap.
 Nest Davis in his Porsche 550RS was 3rd overall.  Newt is best known as the proprietor of Lime Rock Lodge which was a legendary drinking spot next to the Connecticut track.
 E. D. Martin’s 3.8 Ferrari came expecting a win.  The car was fast, but Sadler was unstoppable.
 Martin’s Ferrari on the long front straight.  This part of the track is unchanged from the original.
 The Sadler’s bring the checkered flag back to the paddock.  If you’be been to the Glen lately, the difference is mind boggling.  What you see behind the car was the last turn, the car is pulling in at the start finish line.  What was the last turn is now turn 1.
 Manfred Holder’s Porsche 550  leads Chuck Dietrich’s Elva Mk II.  Dietrich would come 4th and Holder would fade to 6th
 Perhaps why Holder dropped back?  A hard spin in the chicane.
 Jack Brewer’s Mondial Ferrari.  Brewer and his family were the Pennzoil distributors for western New York.  Brewer was 8th well behind the Porsche’s but first in E Modified with its 2 liter engine.
 Ed Gelder’s Ferrari Monza,  Ed and his wife Peg both drove the car.  Peg was 5th in the ladies race and Ed 10th in the Classic.
 Albert Schaefer's Porsche.  From Syracuse, he raced for years at the Glen. He was 20th in FP.
 The Racy looking Lotus IX of Bob Davidson gets the look over inside the tent at Smalley's garage.  Davidson was a dnf.
 One of the first women drivers, Evelyn Mull and her husband raced AC Bristols.  Eve always beat her husband and at this race beat everybody to win D & E Production.
 Archie Means in his AC was surprised by Evelyn Mull and finished 2nd.  Archie won many races in his AC Bristol at the Glen and elsewhere.
 Sherm Decker with his usual cigarette waiting to head out.  George Valentine is behind him and Jack Terhaar alongside.  Decker won, Valentine was 2nd and Terhaar 4th.
 Ferrari driven by Don Peters never made it to the start line. Peters got an exemption from the SCCA to race as he had only one arm.
 The odd brown AC Bristol of Edmund Hamburger.  As kids in the 50’s we had to take a photo of a car belonging to a Hamburger.  He was quick enough to finish 6th.  W. T. Bosworth’s Morgan #76 sits behind.
 A very fun guy, Homer Daisey, leads B & C production.  Homer was fond of losing control but kept it together to finish 4th.
 We helped Ed Richard Jr with his MGA.  Ed looked lost as this was one of his first races.  While he only finished 8th, he beat some good cars.
 This is how Ed Richards brought his new MGA to it’s first race.  While I can’t be sure I think he still had the heater in the car.
 Jack Brewer brings the Ferrari Mondial to the gas truck.
 The # 69 Alfa of Ed Sheeder sits next to the TR-3 of Dave Adams.  In the mid 60’s Adams would be a winner in his Triumph TR-2.
 The DJag of Bill Klincho.  This car appeared at several races but never did very well.  He is shown as a dnf at this race but we never saw it on the track.
 A young Dave Zych - one of the founders of BARC stands next to Martin’s big Ferrari.
 Dave Zych was the first to get a car.  It was this pink MG-TD and is already showing the BARC sticker and his member #2.  Later over the weekend a fuel line burst and the engine caught on fire.  Quick actions by the barcboys limited it to just replacing the fuel hose.
58WGClassic RedA-H.jpg
 Registration and Tech inspection were held in town at Smalley’s Garage.  It was the place to be on Thursday-Friday.  Ray Bloomer is getting his paper work sorted for the weekend.
 Tom Scatchard's Lotus was 11th OA and 3rd in G Modified
 Candy D’Amato’s Austin-Healey 100-4 finished 12th OA.  The AC Bristols simply outclassed everything.
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