Hary Heuer sits on pit row waiting to head out to the grid in his Meister Brauser Scarab.  Harry would finish 3rd behind his team mate Augie Pabst and Roger Penske’s Porsche.
 The Grand Prix starts.  Augie Pabst in #50 Scarab with Bob Holbert’s Porsche, Walt Hansgen in the red birdcage and Doc Thompson in the Sting Ray.  Of the 4 on the front row,  only Augie would finish.  And he won.
 Another look at the start with Hansgen in the #60 birdcage behind two Porsches.  This would not last long as Hansgen got to the lead early.
 Augie “Doggie” Pabst in the Peter Hand Brewery Meister Brauser accelerates out of the last turn.  Fantastic weather and a huge crowd.
 Heuer concentrates as he fights to stay in front of Penske.  It was a race long battle.
 Harry Heuer in the Scarab leads Roger Penske’s Porsche.  Penske would prevail to finish 2nd and Heuer 3rd.
 Bob Holbert ran a strong 2nd behind Hansgen until his fuel tank split and the Porsche crankshaft broke.  It was not long after when Hansgen suffered engine failure as well leaving the victory to Pabst.
 The great Chevy Sting Ray always driven well by the Flying Dentist Dick Thompson.  Thompson really was a dentist in Maryland just outside D.C.
 The business office of Dick Thompson’s Sting Ray.
 Roger Penske has a huge grin on his victory lap.  Did the dent come from his battle with Heuer’s Scarab?  Nobody remembers.
 Dick Thompson brings the Sting Ray into the pits.  The car suffered all weekend from a variety of ills.  Thompson made a fabulous start and hounded Hansgen, but only for 1 lap, retiring on the 2nd.
 Spectators get a good, close up look at the fastest car of the weekend, the Tipo 61 Maserati or Walt Hansgen.
 Walt Hansgen down pit straight easily in the lead in the red birdcage.  The color was unusual for a Cunningham car which were usually white with blue stripes.  The team would change to their usual color scheme for 1961.
 Augie Pabst relaxes in the Scarab prior to the race.  While Pabst couldn’t stay with Hansgen, he stayed in front of Holbert’s Porsche until the 42d lap when the Porsche failed and Augie coasted easy for the last two laps.
 Flyod Aaskov holds his head looking at his smashed Costin Lister Buick.  Aaskov and Grant Clark collided coming into the last turn and ended up just off the pit entrance road.
 Dean McCarthy sits in his repaired Berlinetta showing off its Jake’s Stable patch.  The berlinetta had to run in D Modified as Ferrari had not made enough of the cars by 1960 to homologate them.  McCarthy ran well to 7th overall and first in D Modified.
 McCarthy uses the 3 liter, 12 cylinder motor to accelerate hard past the pits.
 Arch Means signals as he enters pit lane in the 200S Maserati.
 Arch Means sits on the grid in his 2 liter Maserati.  He shared the car that weekend with Ed Gelder.  The stop to change drivers cost the little Maser time and it finished far back in 14th.
 Harry Heuer and Roger Penske glance over as Charlie Kolb (white suit) walks by the Meister Brauser party.   Pabst has a laugh with Denise McCluggage not far away.  The Meister Brauser trailer looks absolutely primitive, but in 1960 it was state of the art.
 A crew pushes Bill Wuesthoff’s Porsche onto its single axle trailer.  As with the Meister Brauser truck, this was the most common way of transporting cars back in the day.  Wuesthoff had a great race finishing 4th overall.
 A closer look at the tricked out Scarab hauler complete with garden tractor.  A marvelous look into the norm of 1960.
 Doc M.R.J. Wylie wins the Queen Catherine Cup and GM.  Tex Hoplins waves the checkered for the Lola.  Wylie often dominated the GM or 1100cc class with Lotus and Lola cars.
 BARC member Millard “Rip” Ripley smiles from the cockpit of his Lola Mk I.  Rip, a VW dealer from Ithaca, NY had great success in Elva’s, this Lola, Formula Vee’s, a Porsche RS-61 and later in a Bobsy-Porsche.
 Rip was second in GM but only one second behind Doc Wylie.  The two Lola’s swapped the lead several times during the race.
 Walt Hansgen sits in the Cooper F Jr during a practice session.
 Hansgen at speed.  Walt had little trouble winning the F Jr race over the Elva of Charlie Kolb.
 A rare shot of Briggs Cunningham in a Lotus Formula Junior.  Briggs practiced in the car but it never raced.
 Denise McCluggage in the OSCA F junior talks things over at the beginning of the old pits.
 Formula Juniors paddock together in the grass.  Charlie Kolb’s Elva in the middle with the Scorpions of Ray Heppenstall on right and John Holmes.
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