A mixture of classes on the grid for a practice session.  Ben Moore in #118 would finish second in the Glen Trophy race.
 Jim Jeffords in the Purple People Eater won the big bore production race.  Jeffords and the Nickey Chevrolet team traveled the county and won alost everywhere to earn their SCCA National Championship.
 Jeffords take a couple gals with him on his victory lap.
 Bob Grossman drove this XK150 against the Corvettes but could do not better than 12th overall and 5th in C production.
 George Reed took his Ferrari Tour deFrance to second in CP and 6th overall.  By far he won the best looking car of the race.
 Archie Means in his AC Bristol whipped the field as AC’s took 5 of the top 6 places.
 BARC founder Dave Nicholas sits and tries to look cool as he takes a ride in Archie Means race winning AC Bristol.  He fails, but it still was a great ride.
 Dick Thompson was the only car to separate the AC’s.  Even then a very quick river he takes this Austin Healey to 5th overall and winds D Production.
 Jordan King had some trouble in the race and finished 6th behind Dick Thompson’s Austin Healey.
 Phil Cades Maserati GP car with a Chrysler engine won the Seneca Cup.
 Fans gather around Phil Cades Seneca Cup winning Maserati GP car powered by a Chrysler V8.
 Big Jake (the car) and Bob Bucher (the driver) took the Jakes Stable Allard to 2nd place in the Seneca Cup.
 The Collier Cup race was for MG’s only.  27 cars formed up and what followed was a remarkable photo finish race among friends.
 Great action as expected.  Ross deSt. Croix’s coupe goes wide and Jack Paveling dives.  Art Smith #43 and Hank vanDusen #21 are all up front.
 Jack Paveling leads George Valentine with 2 laps to go but Bob Bucher in 029 is ready to pass into the lead.
 The two best have cleared the field as Decker is catching Bucher.  This is the last turn as they head out on the last lap.
 Bucher brakes too late and gets all sideways.  Decker sees it and cuts inside but also loses traction.
 Decker looks at Bucher as they get the cars straight.  From here it is a drag race to the finish with Bucher winning by inches.
 The famous 029 MGA owned by Spankey Smith and driven by Bob Bucher is still racing in the 21st century.  A very celebrated car.
 Spankey and Bucher pose with Tex Hopkins.  The note is to Sherm Decker who finished inches behind Bucher.  What we know is that Sherm prepared and tuned the car that beat him.
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