Bucher drives “Big Jake” through traffic to the course.  Then he took it out in the first race of the day and won the Seneca Cup.  Never happen today.
 When Bucher was finished winning the Seneca Cup he hopped into Spankey Smith’s MGA 029 and won the Collier Cup.
 029 sits proudly in front of the timing stand.  Sherm Decker’s 4th place #112 is on the right.
 Duncan Black’s 4.5 Ferrari finished 7th in the Grand Prix.
 Two Corvettes fight it out on the back straight.  No shoulders or run off  areas until years later.
 The old false grid where cars lined up to head out to the course.  This is a practice day shot of George Constantines Aston DB2-4 in front of Lt. Col. Bob Kuhn’s AC Bristol.
 Charley Weiss and his Thunderbird tried hard for a few years but it was too heavy and had no brakes.
 The T Bird had power and here on the first lap he leads Grossmans Jag, Constantines Aston and Carter’s 300SL
 R Mason’s Jag about to be passed by the 300SL of Harry Carter.  By 1957 the Corvettes were beginning to dominate and finished 1-2-3.
 Glen stalwart Homer Daisey spins in the chicane
  A rare Effyh Formula III car driven by W. Jennings Bryan
  John Petrone's TR3 races Bert Niblocks Healey in Dix Cup
 Tom Gilmour’s Lotus IX sits in the paddock.  We think the #3 MG TD was like a barcboy and had numbers but never raced.
  The stewards drove the track in this priceless BMW 507
 The original permanent course map.
 The Grand Prix course logo from 1957
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