High ground shot of the small race car paddock for the Grand Prix.  Look at the number of spectator cars parked across the track.
 Long shot of the hill.  Spectators on either side of the track.
 The original paddock with John Soch’s Lotus body taken off for maintenance and a couple Frazer-Nash’s across the way.
 John Soch’s Lotus body is off while he works to get the car ready.  What he did worked as the car was 4th overall and 2nd in GM.
 Bill Wonder’s white Frazer-Nash sits next to Frank Adam’s tiger striped Fraxer Nash.
 Paul O’Shea finds his way through the construction debris.  Spectators in those days were separated from the track by snow fence.
 Mercedes wanted to win regardless of what the SCCA said and Paul O’Shea won the Glen Trophy race in his 300SL coupe.
 Yes that is a Ford Thunderbird. Charlie Weiss led a lap using the V8 power but handling and brakes had him headed backward quickly.  Regardless, he ended up 8th beating a lot of Jags and Corvettes
 Dick Kessler follows Charles McAdams through the original chicane.  Kessler would appear in 1957 with a Jaguar XKSS.  To delineate where the pavement was, organizers lined the corners with hay bales.
 Gordy MacKenzie’s XK-129 follows a group into the chicane.  MacKenzie wold finish 13th.
 Margaret McClure said no to the women’s race and did well in her #76 Jaguar finishing 14th out of 20.
 Harry Carter in the #80 dark Jag chases H.H. Sutherland.  Up front Paul O’Shea’s 300SL is already pulling away.
 The start of the Dix Cup.  The track truly was not finished.  Dirt and rocks just off the racing surface made people wonder.
 Walter Huggler’s D Type appeared but never started.
 Queen Catherine Cup action.  Doc Wylie’s Lotus is chasing Austin Conley’s Porsche 550RS.  Conley would win and Wylie was second.
 The Collier cup race still had 12 T types racing.  Bob Holbert was first in his TC but 9th overall after the new MGA’s.
 More T types head up the hill but what is more interesting is the motorcycle that sits waiting for its rider, the flagman.
 Bill Helburn’s Ferrari was a casualty of the course, rolling over.  Helburn was unhurt and the car races for many years.
 Bob Bucher in his Cadillac Allard JR was 3rd overall and first in B Modified.  Bucher couldn’t know it at the time but he would become one of the BARC stars.
 Robert Wilson’s Allard J2X was a bit dated by 1956 but he drove it well to 5th overall and 2nd in BM behind Bucher.
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