1959 was cold but better than ‘58 with  a bigger field including those pesky USAC midgets which proved fast earlier in the year at Lime Rock. But nobody could come close to Sir Stirling Moss in his Cooper Climax F1 car.
 Sir Stirling heads out adorned with the winners wreath and the checkered flag.  A great day for Watkins Glen.
 Moss in his typical head back, arms out straight and putting the car on the perfect line.  When Moss’ car would finish, most often he won.
 Moss laps Sy Kaback’s 2 liter Lotus 15.  Moss was so dominant he lapped the second place car 7 times.
 Another shot of the intense concentration of the master.
 Eddie Johnson’s very fast offy leads Jim Shaffer’s midget. Shaffer would finish 13th, Johnson would have a fabulous finish behind Moss in second place.
 Canadian Harry Entwistle’s 2 liter Lotus finished 3rd.
 Ed Johnson’s very fast midget races Entwhistle’s Lotus for 2nd place.  The midget would prevail to take 2nd.
 Moss was constantly besieged by people.  Here some guy wants to give Moss his card while on the grid.
 Another glad handler, but in an Esso jacket shakes Moss’ hand.  Stirlings bemused expression says it all.
 It’s finally time and Stirling climbs into his raCER.  No doubt happy to get down to the business of winning a race.
 Bob Harkey’s black #58 leads Jim Shaffer’s yellow #77 as they go past, we think, Bob McLain on the long front straight.
 Tom Greatorex Elva MkIII did well finishing 4th.
 Gaston “Gus” Andrey drove a 300S Maserati.  Gus had problems but managed to bring the Maserati home 5th.
 Jiggs Peters Offy Midget was second of the midgets, finishing 6th.
 Ed Leavens Elva Formula Junior was simply over-matched but finished a respectable 10th.
 Bruce Boyle and Joe Grimaldi co drove this D Jag.  Why the entire front bodywork is off, we don’t know.  It stayed out to finish 12th.
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