Joe Bonnier takes the checkered flag on his victory lap in the Maserati 250F Grand Prix car.  This race was the culmination of hard work by Cam Argetsinger and the people of Watkins Glen.  The goal was to host a world championship F1 race and creating the Libre format was the first step.
 Bonnier did not have it easy as Gurney in the Ferrari sports car chased him the entire race finishing just over 1 minute behind.
 Bonnier was a bona fide International star.  The 250F Maserati was one of the great F1 cars of that era.  It was a big deal to have them at Watkins Glen.
 A very young Bruce Kessler finished 3rd behind Bonnier and Dan Gurney in this big 860 Monza Ferrari.
 Another shot of Bruce Kessler.  Bruce was good friends with Lance Reventlow and James Dean.  We’re not exactly sure how he got his license at such a young age, but he did.  Later Bruce went on to a highly successful career as a film maker.
 Phil Hill wrestles the big Ferrari around the last turn.  Hill would start on the front row but would break an axle on lap 60 of the 80 lap race.
 Ritchie Ginther (L) works over Hill’s Ferrari motor prior to the race.
 Hill sits in the Ferrari trying to warm the motor.  Note the cloth stuffed into the grille to get some heat.
58WGFL PHillClose.jpg
 Hill listens to Ginther as they head to the grid.  Llyod Ruby’s Maserati Corvette #112 behind.  Ruby would DNF.
 Phil Hill.  In 1958 the BARCBOYS did not have great cameras.  But a high speed shot of Hill as he starts up the hill.
 Pit marshals inspect Hills abandoned Ferrari.  It was a cold, cloudy day at the Glen and you can see the mud on the Ferrari.
 Another high speed blurred shot of Constantine’s Aston starting the climb.
 The beautiful and new Aston Martin DBR2 of George Constantine blew a head gasket and was a dnf.
 Loyal Katskee’s D Jag with a Corvette engine heads out of the paddock.  I think the same policemen in the same yellow slickers worked the Glen for years after.
 Phil Hill, hands in pocket is wondering why he left sunny California.  Friend, driver and mechanic Richie Ginther stands next to their weekend car.  NO, there weren’t any smart phones in 1958 so he is not checking Facebook.
 A worried spectator gets quickly out of the way as the green flag drops.  That’s Dan Gurney in the Ferrari #3.  Gurney finished 2nd and the only car on the lead lap with Bonnier.
 The sun appeared just at the start.  Hill’s Ferrari is that wonderful Ferrari red.  Tex Hopkins, the race starter, in his lavender suit strolls past.
 We knew #22 as The Sadler Special which on the Glen Classic earlier in 1958.  Today it was known as the Nisonger Special and driven by Bob Said but did not finish.  Bob is the father of Boris Said.
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