Not well known, but Bob Holbert drove this Cooper-Ford at the November 3, 1963 NNJ regional race. And up against some stiff, big bore competition, he won. Was this his first venture into driving for Shelby and the King Cobras?
 From the rear you can see th pointy rear fenders and the cutouts for the dual V8 exhausts.
 The front of the grid for the main race.  Ed Lowther in the ex Kelso-Chev Lister on pole, Hal Keck’s blue Lister Corvette in the middle and Bob Piekarski’s Lister Jag on the outside.  The blue Corvette of Steve Elfenbein and the red #53 Ferrari-Chev of Sam Abbot are on row 2.  Holbert is inside 3rd row with Dick Stockton’s #73 Ferrari in the middle and Vince Tudisco’s D Jag special #83.
 The middle grid has Skip Scott’s Elva next to George Wintersteen’s #92 RS-60 Porsche. Tom O’Brien’s Ferrari Dino is next to Peter Goetz’s Elva MkVII and  Steve Quicley’s Rev-master special #86.  Mike Goth’s black Lotus 7 looks a bit out of place.
 The start and already Holbert has jumped two rows and is even with Keck’s Lister Chev. Lowther’s yellow Lister is back as the D Jag Corvette of Tudisco outdrags the rest. Where is the Lister-Jag?  This is the start of race 14, the 2nd of the day.  The Lister-Jag only started in the morning race when the grid photos were taken.  Look at the long shadows in this photo.
 Tom O’Brien’s Ferrari waits behind Steve Elfenbein’s Corvette outside the paddock.  The cars drove from the paddock area in the middle of the track to the start line on the oval.  The start line served that function for the stock car and as the drag strip start line.
 Skip Scott’s #96 Elva Mk VII and Peter Goetz’s similar car, #99, wait to be escorted to the start line.  Scott would finish 2nd in the morning race and 3rd in the late race.  Goetz did not start in the morning and would dnf in the afternoon race
 Ed Lowther in the Lister Chev leads Steve Quigley’s Rev-Master special.  The Rev-Master raced in FM meaning its displacement was 1200-1500cc.  As it was rear engined we suspect it was Porsche power.
 Long distance shot of the top 3 cars jumping over the oval and onto the infield portion.  Holberts Cooper-Ford leads the Lister Chev’s of Lowther and Harold Keck.
 OOPs.  Somehow Skip Scott’s Elva Mk VII has lost its rear bodywork.  It did not seem to matter as Scott finished 3rd in the afternoon race.  This was before the days of aero bodies and while a nuisance - the lack of bodywork probably did not affect performance that much.
 George Wintersteen in his Porsche RS-60.  Wintersteen had a very interesting career.  Always fast he drove Corvette Grand Sprots, Cooper-Chev, even an Elva-Porsche among others.  This weekend he had a 4th and 5th overall and won EM both races.
 BARC member Steve Elfenbein in his Corvette leads Dick Stockton’s 2 liter Ferrari.  Why the Vette was in CM remains a mystery.
 The green flag drops on big bore production.  Look carefully at the right and see the #41 Cobra being driven by Mark Donohue.  Mark would win the morning race and dnf in the afternoon.  Jerry Lustig’s red Corvette would finish 6th & 9th overall.
 Donohue’s Cobra comes up on Dave Pelz XK-140.  Donohue did not like this car at all.  He won the morning event but is reported to have parked it in the afternoon saying it handled poorly.
 BARC member Harry Reynolds in his Torking Dog Lotus 11.  Harry would win GM in both races, but as he remarked “to finish first, first you must finish. And it helps if nobody else finishes”.
 Al Loquasto’s Vette leads a pack in the afternoon race.  He would finish 3rd overall.  If you look to the left behind the telephone poles is Bruce Jenning;s Porsche Carrera who would pass all the Corvettes to finish 2nd.
 Stockton’s Ferrari leads Goth’s Lotus 7 and Bill Wier’s Turner. Harry Reynolds is slightly off the road and appears to be looking over his shoulder to re-enter the race.  Harry remarked “He offered it to me New Year's day 1962 or 63 for $800. It last sold for $3 million”.
 This shot is from the June 30, 1963 race meet.  Harold Keck is on pole in the blue Lister Chev with Bill Wonder’s Genie next to him and Jack Stewarts Demar.
 The second row has Mike Cronin’s Devin #32 next to Tom O’Brien’s Dino Ferrari with Bernie Viehl, longtime Holbert partner) in the platypus nose Porsche and the nose of Paul Hyatt’s Cooper.
 Unusual photo of the long drag strip front straight heading into the sharp U turn that brought cars back to the oval.  O’Brien’s Dino has one brake light out and is coming up on Keck’s Lister-Chev that is braking heavily, nose down.
 Another Shot of O’Brien next to Bill Wonder’s Genie.  This is a photo of a slide shown on a screen which makes it very grainy.  It appears as if Wonder is having a problem at the start and O’Brien is turning to pass him.
 Walt McKeon, Morgan #94, J H Franklin Elva Courier # 51,  Eric vonBraun, Porsche coupe #12, Ford Smith Austin-Healey #9, Lake Underwood Porsche #37.   The #76 Healey and #24 Porsche are probably late entries as they are not on the list.
 Formula grid has Heinz Janesch in the blue Vee #7, Jim English in #15 and Ludwig Pfleger in #15.  The number on the white vee is hidden.
 Russ Sanboni’s #34 Lotus up front with Bob Grimes #2 MGA, Frank Hamen MGA #73, Dan Cavanaugh Volvo P-1800 # 96 and the Lotus #21 of Sheldon Schoff watch the #10 Lotus 7 being taken off the grid. Bob vanLandingham’s Lotus #14 and Winton Brown’s MGA #17 are all we can see.
 Marty Krimmer in the red #78 and Paul Sykes in the black coupe both look to the starter.
 Peter Claydon in the black Courier leads Lake Underwoods Porsche across the line.  Both these drivers were quick and this probably was for the win.
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