The BARC gathers around Spankey Smith’s Studebaker Golden Hawk.  The weather is chilly, no leaves on the trees but where there is the BARC there is always some chilly beers
 Jack Deren looks at the camera as Judy Beattie walks past.  Decker in the leather jacket and Alan and Phyllis Friedland in the center.  The young ones all in back worried the beer cooler is empty.
 Decker offers what he thinks of the photographer with an international sign of respect.  Spankey smiles in the foreground.
 Jack Deren hugs Judy, Decker smiles with his son and wife Joan, Gordy Ruston, Roy Bishara, Dave Zych.  Alan and Phyllis in the center and Nicholas shows his IQ in back.
 Steve Elfenbein points to his fans how he raced to 4th in BP.
  The BARC crew starts to party after the races.  Can you Identify them all?  Can you identify 6?  If so, write and win a free 11x14 print of any photo on
  Proof that Dave Zych in the bad hat and Roy Bishara (L) cannot be cool like Sherm Decker, drinking after victory
 Don Yenko asks Dave Nicholas, what happened to the beer?
 Big conference after the race.   From L - Gordy Ruston (with hair), Oscar Koveleski (back) Hal Keck, Sherm Decker (arms crossed)
  The Mestro Spankey Smith blows cigar smoke at Mickey Cohen   who did well in his Elva VI.
 Sherm Decker in the “rat” Cooper-Ford won the main event.
 Decker sits on the grid.  Note the perfect fit of the doors and windscreen.  Now you know why we called it the Rat.
 Fred Darling’s Sprite cuts the corner chasing a Morgan 4/4.  Darling would win the race.
 The greatBill “Murph”Mayberry slides his VW Beetle.  Murph was one of the great Porsche wrenches and a fun guy.
 Jerry Crawford’s Lotus 30 was 3rd behind Decker and Friedland in the May race.
 Frank Manley’s beautiful LeMans DB looked great but was not quick at the May event.
 Binghamton’s finest tailor, Roberto Anzalone in his Alfa. Nicholas and Anzalone drove this car to a GP victory in the 1964 Vineland 4 hour.  Roberto was not so luck and was a DNF in the May race
 Al Costner’s Alpine was quick all season but DNF’d in May.
 Bruce Jennings in his usual #77 had a rare DNF in May.
 Alan Friedland in his Elva Mk VII was 2nd in May and a DNF in June.  Behind him is Oscar Koveleski’s Ferrari-Chev.
 Geroge Oulton’s Mini dominated small sedans in the mid 60’s.  He won C sedan in May and June.
 BARC memeber  Steve Elfenbein's Vette at speed.  Steve would drive to 4th in BP.
 BARC member Don Yenko was always sideways, sliding and giving us all a great show.  He was 3rd overall and 2nd in BP.
  Ferril "Shorty" Miller was untouchable in FP in his Turner. Leo Picard in the Volvo P`800 was 2d
 Smiling George Alderman waves the checkered flag after winning the formula car race in front of Mark Donohue.  No doubt, the Jake’s Stable sticker helped.
  Bob Tullius 4th O.A. in his Group 44 TR4 in the AP to DP race. He rarely lost in DP and only Keck’s Cobra and Ben Moore and Don Yenko’s Corvettes beat him.
 Hal Keck’s Archway Ford Cobra arrives at Vineland.  That Ford station wagon was loaded and riding low.
  Frank Dominianni arrives and the New York boys are still in shirtsleeves
  Ben Loquasto's Sprite to 3rd in HP.  Ben went on to even better results in Corvettes in the years to come.
 Warren Shamlian’s Elva was 5th in GM.
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