Jake’s Stable driver Jim Haynes in his #19Cooper FIII.  Look at the heavy jackets
 F III cars had no starters.  They were motorcycle engines.  Here Paul Richards gets a push to start his car.
 The rain is falling as Jim Haynes gets into his car.  He is on the back straight of the oval.  You can see the grandstands in the background.
 Head down to keep the rain from stinging, an FIII driver (we think Lex duPont) comes off the inside loop and back onto the oval.
 Fred Windridge in the flat black intimidating Lister Corvette.  While the car must have been a handful in the wet, Fred won.
 Not really well known but this is Bob Bucher in a Corvette.  Big Jake was 3rd overall and first production car.
 George Constantine brought this D Jaguar but was a DNF.
 Here’s the story on the first race at the Vineland Road course.
 1959 and the first race of the year is in rainy April.  Regardless, with Vineland’s location between New York and Philadelphia it always got good entries.
 Ben Diaz, one of the brothers who helped build the Vineland road course, in his Maserati A6GCS sports roadster.
 Diaz finished 2nd in the main race behind Bob Holbert.
 Frank Wagenhofer’s Porsche Carerra was second to Harry Blanchard.
 Horace Ott leads the MGA of Barker across the oval.
 Bob Holbert testing his RSK. He put it was just a shakedown and he put the car on the side and drove the Maserati.
 This is not a trick photo.  It is Bob Holbert in the 711 OSCA.  It practiced but never raced.
 Charlie Kolb in this Maserati 200 jumping over the oval where the road course crossed to the infield.
 Fred Windridge changed from the Lister-Corvette to this Maserati 300S. But Bob Holbert drove it in the main race and won.
 Charlie Kolbs Cooper won GM
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