Vestal’s Phil Forno was a good friend of the BARCBOYS.  He was a master Jaguar mechanic and prepared and drove Briggs Cunninghams cars while working for Alfred Momo.
 Phil Forno in the Cunningham Porsche 500RS.  Brit Rex Woodgate in the blue coveralls in back.  Woodgate was responsible for Elisha Walkers Aston Martin driven by George Constantine
 In this Phil Forno shot, Phil has driven Briggs Cunningham (black shirt) in the Jag sedan and is hustling off to get the cars ready to race.
 A happy John Meyer in his Pontiac powered Sadler-Meyer Special after winning the Unrestricted race.
 A color shot of the Sadler-Meyer Special.  Brand new 1959 Ford station wagon which was a very typical tow car.
 Charles Kelsey’s 4CLT/48 Maserati F1 car sits next to the #135 Jomar of Ray Saidel.  Neither car finished.
 The old F1 car sits in the paddock on its single axle trailer.  In todays racing you are hard pressed to find more than a handful of single axle race car trailers.  And rarely would you see a great Maserati like this one.
 In 1959, Formula III races were still popular.  Formula Jr had just come out as the new beginners class.  Lex DuPont is closest with Jim Haynes beside him and Paul Richards on the outside.
 Paul Richards #17 passes Richard Hagy in #7.  Richards would finish 2nd but Hagy was a dnf.
 Jim Haynes Cooper Mk XIII was 3rd.
 Lex DuPont gives a fist pump and a smile as he leads FIII.
 DuPont takes the checker and victory on Sunday.
 The wonderful and crazy Frank Dominianni surprised Roy Tuerke with a hard inside move.  Tuerke would return the favor for the win, with Frank second in the championship Labor Day Monday race.
 Tom Kerr leads the Austin-Healey of Charlie Hayes.  Hal keck in Corvette #119 is coming up quickly.  Keck would finish 4th, Kerr 7th and Hayes 2nd in DP.
 Sunday’s production race had Dean McCarthy’s 250GT Ferrari spin while leading Jerry Loman’s Mercedes-Benz 300SL.  Monday McCarthy would keep it straight and beat Loman.
 Don Wolfe spins his Corvette on Sunday’s regional races.  Wolfe would recover and finish.
 Frank Dominianni is pushed hard by Richard Jalabert.  They would finish in that order on Monday, Frabk 2nd and Dick 3rd. John Murray’s Austin-Healy 100 would finish 17th.
59Thomp EP actionV2web.jpg
 Earl Simpson #93 MGA is challenged by Ray Gaul in #144.  Gaul would pass Simpson to beat him on Sunday but both finished far back on Monday.
 BARC member Bob Poupard in his first race car, the blue 1500cc MGA.  Poupard did better on Monday and was 2nd MGA.  MG’s were completely outclassed by the 4 cam Porsche Carerra’s who also raced in FP because their engines were the same size as the MG.
 Arch McNeil in the Morgan trails the TR-3 of Tom Reid.  McNeil prevailed but the two cars were simply outclassed by the EP AC Bristols and 4 cam Carerra Porsches.  In 1959 classes were determined by engine size.  This was changed in 1960 when the SCCA dropped the FIA displacement classes and went with relative performance.
 A lot of action in the GP between Alfa’s, Frenxch DB’s all trailing the HM Fiat Abarth of Ray Cuomo in these GP, HP, IP and HM races.  Ray Cuono in the 1000cc Fiat Abarth #80 leads the Alfa of Ken Green, who is barely holding off Norris Crosby’s #65DB, Dave Elder’s Alfa and Bill Lowerre’s DB #167.
 Rochester’s Dave Elder traveled to Thompson and came home with a 5th and a 6th in his Guilietta Veloce.
 Paul Richards stands on the grid.  Richards drove this #83 Team Roosevelt Fiat-Abarth 750 to 1st in I Production both days.
 On the grid in the Abarth Monza with a modified 750cc engine raced in HM.  Ray Cuomo stands beside his Team Roosevelt car.
 A great period photo during practice.  BARC driver Bob Poupard’s MGA is followed by Chuck Stoddard’s #3 Alfa, The Lister Jag #60 of Walt Hansgen, Ken Fagan’s #47 Alfa then #43 Austin Healey of Charlie Hayes and the #9 Meyer Special of John Meyer.  The grandstands in back are for the 1/2 mile oval track.
 Walt Hansgen in the Stanguelini has just passed Ray Saidel’s Jomar.  Both would be passed by Frank Baptista’s Elva which is third here.  This was the unrestricted race on Sunday.
 An example of early engineering is this Healey Special of Jim Jackson. The car still carried the Austin-Healey badge but looked more like a Fraser Nash from the front. Jackson finished both modified races.
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