Daigh and Reventlow had a great weekend.  Daigh drove #5 to victory on Sunday but was a dnf on Monday but Lance won in #160.
 Paddock shot of how beautiful the woods of Thompson were and how these priceless cars were prepared. Today teams would faint if they had to work on their cars in the dirt.
 The #16 Scarab in the paddock.  A Lotus 11 sits partly naked just behind.  Spectator look in awe at this revolutionary American sports car.
 Lance Reventlow, the man behind the Scarabs, take the hard right at the top of the hill.  Lance won the feature on Sunday.  This was the second SCCA National where the Scarabs beat Cunningham’s Listers.  The staus quo of racing was changed forever.
 Daigh rolls into the pits after winning on Sunday.
 Lance takes the checker from SCCA officials on Monday.  Did the two Scarabs plan to swap wins?  Or was it just good fortune?
 A shot from above showing Lance on full opposite lock drifting the Scarab near the fabric barriers.
 Daigh speeds past Constantine’s broken Aston.  The Greek would return the following week to win the USAC race at Lime Rock.  The Scarabs versus Cunningham and Walker’s factory Aston had changed SCCA amateur racing forever.  Professional road racing was on its way.
 Hansgen pushed hard but the Jag power was not a match for the Scarabs TRACO chevy.  Nice shot of the Lister under full squat as he accelerates down the front straight.
 Walt Hansgen was quick and fought the Scarabs.  His reward was second on both Sunday and Monday.  For some reason, Cunningham only brought one of the Lister-Jags.
 Hansgen pushes hard as he gets ready to pass Ed Hamburger’s AC Bristol.
 Constantine’s Aston made its debut against Cunniingham and the Scarabs.  Unfortunately the car was a dnf.  So glad they took the ugly roll bar off for the 1959 season.  In ‘59 Constantine and the DBR-2 would win the championship.
 The flying Greek in Elisha Walker’s DBR-2/1 on the front straight.
 Bill Sadler in his hand built Canadian special had a fabulous year.  He won the Glen Classic, pushed the Listers and Scarabs all year as a complete independent.  At Thompson he was 3rd behind Reventlow and Hansgen.
 Phil Forno drove Cunningham’s Porsche to 5th overall behind Holberts winning Porsche.
 Bob Holbert’s Porsche 550RS would win FModified and place 4th overall.
 Gus Andrey in his Ferrari 550TRC was fastest 2 liter but could not beat the 1500cc Porsches.  Andrey would become the 1958 SCCA National Champion in E Modified.
 Gordon MacKenzies C Type did not have a good day.  Here he is being passed by Gil Geitner’s 2 liter Ferrari.
 A fun sequence;  BARC member Sherm Decker in his MGA takes the escape road with Constantine’s Aston Martin.  Both were late brakers and got caught out together.
 Neither stopped for an instant.  George peeled around, Decker followed and off they went to keep racing.
 Decker & Constantine were not alone.  Here, Chuck Daigh in the Scarab and Harry Carter’s XK-150 have taken the same escape area.  Neither was damaged and they continued on.
 Jim Jeffords in the famous Nickey Chevrolet Purple People Eater came from Chicago to dominate the east coast races, winning here at Thompson.
 George Reed’s beautiful Ferrari 250 Tour deFrance was beaten only by the Corvettes on Sunday. We loved the RRR (Reed’s Race Rats) sticker he always put on his cars. Monday the Ferrari was 3rd behind Jeffords Corvette & Carter’s Jaguar.
 Harry Carter in his XK-150 was 5rd in the big bore production race on Sunday. On Monday he was second ahead of the Ferrari and Bob Grossman’s Jag.
 Dean McCarthy from Cortland, NY was very fast in his Corvette.  He was 2d on Sunday behind Jeffords but had problems on Monday..  Here the Scarab hunts him down in practice.
 Floyd Aaskov’s Lotus 11 won GM on both days, but had to work hard for it.
 Bucher chases Phil Cade’s Maserati 250F formula 1 car.  Cade had changed the Maserati 6 cylinder for a Chrysler V8.  Cade would finish 4th.
 BARC member Bob “Big Jake” Bucher in the Cad  Allard JR won the unlimited race.  Jake also drove Spankey Smith’s MGA earlier.
 An overview of the Thompson paddock.  It sat high above the front straight and across from the pits.  Cars drove across the track to get to the grid.
 H & G modified and H production cars in the pits.  I’m not sure if this is before or after the race.  But a great shot of the diversity of cars that raced in those days.  #38 Danielini special, #37 DB Panhard, #28 Jomar coupe.  Ahead are a Cooper, Candy Poole’s PBX among the crowd.
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