The BMC Factory brought 4 MGA twin cams and 3 big, booming 3 liter Healeys.  #!9 was involved in an accident, the other two finished.
 Johnny Cuevas (red shirt) leans on his Carrera Speedster he shared with Swede Ulf Norinder.  We have no idea who the proud young man is in the yellow shirt.
 Duncan Black and Charlemagne Tower ran his Daimler SP250 with the aerodynamic rolled up windows helping. The car went the entire 12 hours to 34th overall. Black used that car to dominate SCCA racing that year.
 Vestal, NY car dealer Jim Forno and Ike Williamson drove the Morgan.  The car broke a front hub.
 The Alfa of Watkins Glen luminaries Cameron Argetsinger and Bill Milliken.  A complete private entry that ran well and was still going after 12 hours.  Note the New York State license plate starting with WK for Watkins Glen.
 A typical Sebring moment.  A factory MGA twin cam is passing what appears to be a Turner and about to be gobbled by Moss in the Birdcage Maser and the Pete Lovely Ferrari
 Sweet little Bandini Fiat driven by Fred Haynes and Victor Luken suffered a broken radiator on lap 27.
 One of Wacky Arnolt’s Bristol powered Bolides. This car driven by Bill Bradley, Jim Johnston and Bud Seaverns finished a solid 22nd and its sister car #31 won the 2 liter class.
 A factory team of 3 beautiful Lotus Elites were entered.  Number 55 Jay Chamberlain and Charles Evans finished 25th and 3rd in the 1.3 liter class.
 Elite #56 lost brakes at the hairpin and hit a photographer who was in the escape road. Unfortunately both the driver and the photographer died in the accident.
 John Eells Kelley was atop the pits and shot this great sequence.  Here the drivers are waiting the Lemans start.
 The drivers have crossed the track and are leaping into their cars.   Many would simply forget seat belts to save time.  A silly move for a 12 hour race.
 And they are off.  Moss in #23, typically the fastest LeMans starter is slow getting off and #25 Hansgen who fastened his belts is also just getting started.
 Rubber and exhaust cloud the front straight as 65 start the 12 hour.  Note in the distance the #3 Corvette has still not started.
 Early in the race cars come streaming past the pits.  This is a very fast section of the track and in 1960 only a few hay bales separated the track and pit lane.  Radios?  What radios?  Info was passed by pit boards.
 The new Lola Mk I came to the US and was very fast and finished 17th overall and 1st in the 1100cc class.  Drivers were Charles Vogele and Peter Ashdown.
 Overhead shot of the 750 OSCA of John Bentley and John Gordon who won the 850cc class and were an amazing 12th overall.
 The Sprinzle Sprtie did not do well in the race finishing only 62 laps.  In this photo Stirling Moss is testing the car in practice.
 Just a nice fast drive in thie 300SL roadster.  Paul O’Shea was hired to drive but the car wore out its brakes in practice and there were no spares.  The car sat in the paddock and never started the race.
 Late afternoon on Thursday and the cars are waiting for night practice.
 Jesse Coleman stands at the start finish line.  The front row has Hansgen in the silver rear engined Cooper, Jim Hall in the red Elva and Ed Crawford in the blue Stanuellini.
 The flag drops and Hall gets a slight lead on Crawford but Hansgen is barely moving with a bad motor.
 Second lap and Crawford tries an outside pass.
 Jim Hall’s Elva (yes the future Chaparral designer) leads Ed Crawford’s Stanguellini.  That is how they finished - and that close.
 Walt Hansgen in the Cooper Formula Junior
 Fast Eddie Crawford was not known for open wheel racing or engines in front but he went well this day.
 Jay Chamberlain’s spanking new Lotus 18.  1960 saw formula junior introducing rear engined cars and the Lotus 18 was a winner for years.  Chamberlain was 3rd.
 Always at Sebring there are wonderful cars in the paddock. Here, a sensational and very rare Jaguar XK-SS.
 In attendance a rare Fraser-Nash.
 Late in the day Cameron and Jeanne Argetsinger fuel their Alfa Giulietta.  The #81 300SL practiced but ran out of brakes and no spares were available.  The car never started, Argetsinger and Bill Milliken finished 27th overall and 4th in GT 1.3.
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