BARC member battle at Reading.  Judy Beattie in her first year with the Lotus 23 leads Steve Elfenbein in his Camaro.  Steve had raced Corvettes and Judy Lotus Super 7’s.
 Judy alone in the Lotus 23, looking up the hill to the L turn onto the airport.
 Oops.  The Lotus gets towed back after breaking down.  As always, it was boyfriend Bud Hofer’s fault.
 Lyle Heck’s Porsche leads Bill Long’s TR-3.  Lyle switched from his trusty MGB to the Porsche for 1967/
 Bill Austin’s MGA leads Kay Smith’s Alfa out of the airport chicane.
 Bob Philiips Alpine comes alongside Joe Wilkie’s MGA.  Palmer Smeltz follows in the Volvo P1800.
 Bob Phillips squeezes out of the chicane ahead of Glovak’s yellow MGA.
 Traffic in practice. MGA 41 leads two Sprites, #69 and Alan Singer in #86 plus Lyle Heck’s Porsche.with a Sunbeam Imp  D sedan squeezed between.
 Shorty Miller returned in his all conquering Turner but had switched to a 950cc engine and ran in GP.
 An unusual and nice shot by Scotty Dietz of cars rounding an uphill corner on the street section of the air force base.
 Dan Miller’s Sprite tails Alan Singer.  You have to love how he changed his usual #81 to #86.
 Ben Hall, #13 moves over for #33 Autodynamics and Alex Cameron Autodynamics in the normal tight Formula Vee race.
 This #24 Formula Vee is not in the entry, but the driver is working hard.  You can clearly see cars heading up the hill in the distance.
 Neil Fogelberg and his Sprite came to Reading every year and always did well.
 Dick Scarborough’s lovely EP Porsche 1600.
 Scarborogh leads on the first lap of the DP-EP race.
 Nick Davidson leads Frank Tuschorp in a pack of Mini’s.
 Keith Kendig celebrates his victory in DP in the #14 Triumph TR-4.
 Gib Akin came down from Ithaca and got his Sprite a little out of shape.
67Reading #82 sprite going wideWeb.jpg
 Gregg Cameron;s Sprite in a nice, tight shot.
 A few wounded Sprites, Dick Colver’s #21 sits abandoned and Dan Miller’s #7 looks a bit bent.  Jack Rabold drives his Porsche on the cool down lap.
 BARCBOY Steve Elfenbien’s Camaro, new to Steve for 1967.
 The #9 Sting Ray had best get itself running if it wants to make the 24 hours of Le Mans.
 #17 Sting Ray raced but was not in the entry list.
 Al Loquasto spins his Sting Ray.
 Ralph Schubel’s Stingray is about to get eaten by Steve Elfenbein’s Camaro.  DP winner Keith Kendig (white TR-4) is behind.
 BARC member Steve Elfenbein challenges the Cobra with his Camaro.  A great crowd enjoyed the days racing.
 F.G.Fisher’s Cobra leads the pack at the start of the big bore production race.
 BARCBOY Dick Grime moved up from the Elva to a Lotus 23.
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