Joe Cam’s Morgan gets a bit sideways.  It didn’t seem to bother him as he won GP.
 R. Butow’s Datsun leads Elly Frinona’s Morgan in a very tight GP race.  Butow would finish 2nd on Saturday and Elly in 9th. On Sunday things would be different with Butow fading to 15th and Elly winning.
 A very happy Elly Fronina smiles as she takes her victory lap on Sunday.
 BARC member, PRDA President and fantastic guy Oscar Koveleski in his Super Cooper Chev won both modified feature races.
 A long shot of Oscar Koveleski going past the closed fire station.  In 1963-64 there were no haybales there and we simply drove over the ramp.
 Jack Keller’s AWRA Imp in HM looks good here but did not finish in either race.
 BARC member Sammy Feinstein in his Lola T-70 ran well but could not beat Oscar to first place.  Two seconds were an excellent weekend.
 J Repasch in a Porsche RS-60 first in EM and 6th overall but somehow behind Buzzy Marcus’ DP TR-4.
 Dick Grime, BARC member, in his Elva MkII. Not a great weekend for Rich as he was a dnf twice. Rich had tried formula vee  “At the start, I saw another car about three rows ahead of me go straight up in the air because it touched wheels with another car. Right then and there I decided that I would stick with closed-wheel,”
 BARC memeber Harry Reynolds sits on the grid ready to go out in an amazing Formula car race.  Formula A,B, C, Vee and I thought I saw a Formula Saab in there.  Harry beat them all including the #6 FA Cooper just behind Harry.
 Harry Reynolds won both formula races in his Lotus 20.  Harry tells the story that it was one of the few times that car did not embarrass itself.
 Harry Reynolds unloads the FC Lotus 20 from the back of his Volvo wagon.
 Harry prepares his mind for the battle ahead.  Always a thinking man.
 The old time Cooper of Fred Wood ran in Formula A.  He drove well and had a 3rd and 4th overall against a huge field.
 Fred Wood glances at our photographer next to Denis McKenna’s formula III Cooper.  What a diverse field of cars.
 John Grubb in #24 hustles ahead of John Summerville in # 43.  Summerville would finish the race just in front of Grubb.
 Ferrell “Shorty” Miller in his Turner won both races in FP.  Shorty won national races as well as the regionals.
 Miller’s Turner heads up the hill from the airport streets to the runway.
 K Smith’s TR-3 was 14th in E Production on Saturday but was a DNF on Sunday.
 Eugene Hammer missed this corner, hit the bales and is trying to reverse out of the ditch. He did finish, but a lap down in 22nd.
 Neil Fogelberg in his GP Sprite finished a nice 4th on both days.  The field was a strong 22 cars.
 David James Mini was 3rd in D Sedan behind a SAAB and a BMW 750.  Once again, Reading brought out some unusual fields of race cars.
 Good friend Lyle Heck in this MGB was 6th in DP.
 The start of the HP race.  In 1966 every race had a standing start.  Is also seemed that all starters wore significant clothing - here a plaid sports coat.
 BARC members Judy Beattie (bending over) and Bud Hofer standing work on their Lotus S7.  Judy was 3rd on Saturday but did not finish on Sunday.  We still think it was Bud’s fault.
 Steve Elfenbein in a Stingray. Steve usually was in his older BP Corvette but had a nice weekend winning AP on Saturday and then DNF in his other car on Sunday
 Steve taking his reward checkered flag lap, but with a green flag.
 J. Syferd’s GT350 leads Tom Jorgenson’s Sting Ray.  The GT 350 had a decent weekend with a 2nd on Sunday but a DNF on Saturday.
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