Bob Bucher's Porsche RS-60 comes off the road onto the runways of the Reading Airport.  Bucher won easily.
 Sherm Decker sits in Bob Poupards new MGA MkII.  Nobody in FP wanted to see Decker show up.
 This shot show why Decker was the best. The man would wring water out of a stone if it had wheels on it.
 Alan Friedland won it all in 1964 with his Elva.  Alan’s usual race number and his BARC number was 14.  That day he ran #24.
 BARC member Don Yenko let us park the Vees under his truck to stay dry overnight.  The Nicholas MGA #6, had a tonneau cover.
 Big push onto the runways as young Nicholas gets ready to pass Fred Reynolds MGA on his way to 4th.
 Ken Williamson and Dave Nicholas fight it out on the streets of the air base.  Old WWII barracks stand abandoned in the background.
 DN wearing a sweater passes a stop sign and spectators. Are they waiting to cross the street?  The corner of the airport streets to a runway.
 Nicholas heads up a hill in his first race after the Glen drivers school.  The car was a 1962 MGA 1600 MkII deluxe.  The car still lives and is perfectly restored by Dan Suter.
 NOthing unusual here.  Dave Nicholas steals a kiss from Miss Reading Road Races while collecting his trophy.
 Could Harry Reynolds grin any better than this.  A photo from the Reading program in 1964 captures a wonderful moment in Harry’s career.
 BARC racer Harry Reynolds won GM in his Torking Dog Lotus 11.
 The #39 Porsche Carrera accelerates hard out of the hairpin.
 BARC member Ed Shantz sits on a rainy practice day in his Sprite.
 Ed Shantz out on the track.  His nickname was Deegar because one race entry made a typo on his name Edgar - spelling it Degar.  A very funny and very bright Cornell professor.
 Lou Schultz Sr. with his MGA. We don't have results so we don't know how he did.
 An AC Bristol leads Morgan out of one of several hairpins - note fire hydrant.  In 1964 a TR-e hit that hydrant and caused a red flag to repair.
 Lou’s son took the photo.  A 4th generation of Schultz’ are racing in the 21st century.
 Reading in 1962 was one of the first race meets to allow sedans. A pair of Volvo's slide onto the runway.
 The Regional Magazine “Top Gear” covered the 1964 race.
 Page 1 of the report headlines Alan Friedland.
 Page 2 shows Sammy Feinstein’s Lotus laid up in a ditch and a few photos of Friedland’s Elva.
 Page 3 of the Top Gear coverage.
 Page 4 of the Top Gear coverage of the 1964 Reading Road Races.
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