BARC member Charlie Kurtz in his blue AC Bristol was 3rd in DP.  Charlie was a hero to the young guys and supported us against the SCCA when John Weitz, an officer, wanted us banned.
 Charlie Kurtz (straw hat) and wife Sandra sit and talk with Pierre Mion, another AC Bristol racer.  No big motor homes in those days.
 Charlie leads coming out of turn 1 on the first lap.  The gray and red AC Bristol of Elliot Pew would pass and go on to the win.
 Elliot Pew in front of a Porsche and an XK-120 Jag.  The race was for B, C & D production with Corvettes and Bob Grossman’s Ferrari taking the top 6 spots all in BP.
 Duncan Black on his victory lap.  The Daimler raced in EP in 1960 and simply outclassed all the other cars except for Sherm Decker’s MG twin cam who beat him at Marlboro earlier in the year.
 Paul Richards was superb in the FIAT Abarths and won almost every time out.  Montgomery was no exception.
 Charley Callanan’s Fiat Abarth leads a bug eye.  Callanan was a primary mover in the Team Roosevelt stable of Abarths.  He would finish 3rd in GP.
 Proof we were there.  Kelly, Nicholas and others catch a ride to the grid with Wild Bill Terry best remembered for spinning his car so deep into a forest of trees at Berwick, PA in 1959 that nobody could find him.
 Wild Bill Terry driving his heart out.  Did the barcboys loading his car on the way to the grid ruin the springs?
 Endicott, NY racer and funeral home director J, Ward Allen had a good race in this Sunbeam Alpine.
 Binghamton’s own Don Ayleworth fuels up his super clean TR-3.
 The start of the forumla junior race eventually won by Walt Hansgen’s Lotus.  You can catch a glimpse of the black #80 of Harry Carter who was 2nd.
 Young Roger Penske and wife have a PA interview.  Penske was a rising star but nobody in 1960 could have imagined the empire he would build.
 John Zeitler’s DKW leads Tim Mayer’s Lotus 20.  Neither would finish.
 Eric Pasquini’s Lotus about to be eaten by Fred Spross’ C Jag.  Spross would pit and let Gordon Mackenzie take the wheel to get points when Mackenzie’s C type failed.
 Jack Brewer drove his Ferrari 250GT Tour deFrance to a lonely 3rd in the GT race behind the combat between Bob Grossman and Dean McCarthy.  Such a pretty car deserves a photo.
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