Bob Grossman in a short wheelbase Berlinetta vs Dean McCarthy in a long wheelbase. For some reason the cars raced in one of two GT races on Saturday.
 Here Grossman leads McCarthy through a hay bale chicane.  The competition was fierce. They swapped lap after lap, even hitting each other a time or two.
 The first chicane and Grossman leads..  No dents yet.
 Now McCarthy is leading Grossman. Neither got more than a second apart from the other. Those slightly muffled V12’s just singing. Sights and Sounds you simply don’t get today.
 Grossman’s car is already dented - look at McCarthy’s front bumper.  Niether driver gave an inch.
 Back on the long runway straight the two continue to stay side by side.
 McCarthy and Grossman raced the Berlinetta’s as D Modified on Sunday. McCarthy’s car developed troubles and dropped out. Grossman finished 2nd as the Scarabs, Porsche’s and Constantine’s Lister all broke.
 Dean McCarthy brings the Ferrari into the paddock as a DNF on Sunday.
 Back in the day they drove the Ferrari to the races, here unloading spare tires from the top of the car.
 The Sunday race is over. John Bunch stands, hands on hips, Werner Wagner in check shirt debriefs Dean and the Lister Chev also in the pits.
 Walt Hansgen in a red Maserati Birdcage Tipo 61.  The Cunningham white with blue stripes sadly missing.
 Westfield Walt had an easy time of it in the feature as his competiton, 2 Scarabs, Penske and Holbert in Porsches and Constantines Lister Chev all either dropped out or had problems.
 Hansgen braking for the haybale chicane on the back straight.  Bud Faust’s Ferrari Chev trails.
 Harry Heuer behind the Meister Brauser trailer.  His Scarab hit a cone and had it trapped beneath the car.  He had to pit to have it taken out and finished 12th
 The beautifully sculpted nose of the Meister Brauser.  For some reason they were no longer called Scarabs.
 Augie Pabst’s #15 and Harry Heuer’s #16 being prepared.
 Pabst has taken the lead from Constantine’s Lister Chev, but he too had problems breaking an axle and struggling to 4th.
 Pabst accelerates the Meister Brauser out of the chicane.  I always loved the way the front of the Scarab would come up under its fierce power.
 Constantine leads the race on the first lap with Pabst and Holbert following.  George’s Lister would drop for good on lap 9.
 Grossman, now in the main race, hounds Heuer’s car going into the first turn.  Grossman would finish 2nd overall.
 Constantine was such a character.  Funny and fast, he was the common mans racer.  Note the red neckerchief trailing him a la Snoopy in his Sopwith Camel.
 George has his hand up signaling the Beast of a Lister is finished for the day.
 Holbert in a long wheelbase Porsche RS-60.  Rumor had it that this car was the prototype for the RS-61 with the longer wheelbase..
 Penske has passed the ailing Lister Chev and has lapped Jim Flynn's older Ferrari.
 Roger Penske’s RSK chases Dave Adams LoFa.  Penske also suffered from a broken crank and retired along with Holbert.
 Holbert ran strong until he suffered from a broken crankshaft.  As the flat 4 was in a one piece crankcase, the entire engine had to go back to Porsche to get a new crank installed.
 Charlie Hayes in the 2 liter 500TRC.  This car had a long and glorious racing history from when it made its appearance in 1957 at Sebring.
 Millard “Rip” Ripley is ready to race his Lola Mk I.  His longtime mechanic has the car warmed up and ready to go.
 Rip had an excellent race winning G Modified and beating Charley Kolb’s Elva.
 Rip and H Modified winner Olie Schmidt’s OSCA take their checkered flag lap. I sure wish organizations would bring the checker flag lap to vintage racing.  Both men would become SCCA National Champions in their class.
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