The fFlag drops and Ed Crawford (#61), Chuck Daigh (#15) and Fred Windridge (#36) drop the hammer. Hansgen #60 and Sadler are just behind in the second row.
 Alfred Momo signals his two Listers as they chase Daigh’s Scarab on the first lap.
 Early on Ed Crawford leads Chuck Daigh. Note the Jag still looks good but Daigh has been hammering on him and both cars are dented.
 Chuck Daigh is now ahead of Ed Crawford but you can see the RR of the Lister is bent as is the front of the Scarab.  All the “gentlemans” racing was tossed out for this epic battle.
 While Daigh and Crawford are beating on each other Walt Hansgen, Lance Reventlow and Bill Sadler are fighting at the front. Here Reventlow slides off the track at the chicane leading to the start finish line.
 Hansgen is in the pits to change the blown LR tire and yelling something at an SCCA official while Momo kneels to check how work is progressing. Gordon Mackenzies C type passes in the background to unloap himself.
 The starter signals a beat up but still fast Chuck Daigh Scarab that there is one lap to go. Hansgen is chasing, setting lap record after lap record but ran out of time to catch up.  He fell 9 seconds short.
 Hansgen & Daigh after the race.  They knew they had been in a battle and each respected the other.
 Lance Reventlow gets ready to race.  Pretty sure that is Phil Remington standing next to him.
 The Scarab's got lost on their way in from California. They arrived late Saturday night with almost no time for preparation.  The BARCBOYS awoke on a foggy Sunday morning to see these magnificent cars.
 Lance in #6 (note the 1 is blocked out from his favorite #16) comes in for a quick word during the early practice session.
 Officals wanted the Scarab's in a fair fight and created a special practice session Sunday morning. Here Chuck Daigh in the unpainted car  and Lance Reventlow, behind, get ready.
 Hansgen at speed.  Walt proved his skills by battling back after his flat and setting a new lap record every time past.
 A nice photo of the Lister Jag that Ed Crawford would drive in the race.  Still pristine and undented.  It would not be that way at the end of the day and, in fact, would not finish.
 Rich Lyeth's monstrous Ferrari 375 - Chev called the Hi-Tork Special.  Some think it was a Chrysler Hemi underneath the hood.
 Gordon MacKenzie’s C Type kept rolling to a second in DM and 6th overall.
 Bob Holbert's 550RS won the F & G Modified race on Sunday
 Bob Holbert leads Phil Forno, both in Porsche 550RS’s.  Forno would drop back while Holbert won.
 Jim Jeffords came east from Chicago to win the big production car race in the infamous Purple People Eater Corvette from Nickey Chevrolet.
 Fred Windridge led BP but failed to finish and stopped racing the Vette to concentrate on the Lister-Chev.
 Harry Carter had a busy weekend.  He finished 2nd in the big bore production race in this Jaguar XK150.
 Harry Carter also ran his AC Bristol and took another 2nd place in class.
 Jordan King’s aC Bristol was the car that beat Carter to win EP.
 Dick Thompson’s Austin-Healey won DP but was 3rd behind the two AC Bristols.
 Len Bastrup Lotus IX leads Frank Baptista's Elva and Don Sesslers Porsche 550.  Bastrup would end up 3rd in GM and Baptista 2nd.
 An Alfa parade in G Production with Ray Bloomer #40 leading Bob Grossman #9.  Grossman would finish 2nd, Bloomer 5th.
 Emmanuel “Pup” Pupulidy chats next to his Porsche Carrera as he waits his race.
 Pup leads Frank Wagenhofer and that's how they finished in FP.   Wagenhofer lived in Montgomery.
 Jakes Stable driver Geroge Valentine’s MGA was overmatched by the Porsche’s but managed 9th.
 The BARC GAZETTE story from 1958
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