Hal Keck wheels his Corvette to 1st overall and 1st in BP.  Keck would soon change to Cobras and rule AP.
 John Caley’s Corvette #119 was 2nd in the big production car race behind Hal Keck’s Vette.
 BARCBOY Bob Bucher had a busy weekend.  He drove John Bunch’s Berlinetta to 3rd overall and first in AP and then jumped into his RSK.
 Ed Meyers Corvette #84 battles it out with the Fraser-Nash of Reed Andrews and the AC Bristol of Pierre Mion.  It would end Mion, Meyers and Andrews.
 A shot from practice where #16 of Tom Kerr leads the Maserati Birdcage of Fred Gamble.
 Bob Johnson’s Corvette was fast but could only finish 6th.
 Stefan Szwaree in his Porsche Carrera.
 BARCBOY Charley Kurtz was 2nd in GM in his black Lola.  Charley would go on to be SCCA National Champion in this car.
 Bill Wilbourne was 3rd in GM in his Lola
 Bob Holbert sits on the oval starting grid.
 Bucher got a great start in 1961 with a 4th overall and 1st in FM
  Ed Astri’s Alfa leads Malion’s Turner here, but Astri faded to 5th by the end of the race  and Malion won.
 Doug Diffenderfer’s small V8 Siata won everything in 1961 including the National Championship.  It was reclassified for 1962.
 Bill Malion's Turner podiumed in 3rd place for DP
 Pierre Mion’s AC Bristol is chased by Reed Andrews in a rare Fraser-Nash that used a Bristol engine.
 Joe Buzzetta's Carrera heads to 4th in BP ahead of Reed Andrew's Frazer Nash 4th in CP
 Murray Kellner's XK120 booms past start finish ahead the Porsche  of  Vic Czito.
 The #777 Alfa of Herman Melotti looks  strong here in practice but was a  dnf in his race
 Doug  Diffenderfer’s Siata leads Reed Rollo's Alfa.  Rollo finished 4th, Diffenderfer won.
 Early in the race Chuck Stoddard's Alfa leads Diffenderfer’s Siata and Nigel Bridwell.   Stoddard would finish 2nd in DP.
 Sherm Decker tinkers with the twin cam behind his Olds sedan.  Best he could do in '61 was 6th after winning in 1960.
 Start of EP race with Mark Donohue leading Jay Signore. BARCBOY Sherm Decker's black MG leaning wildly as Decker wheels it to 6th.  Donohue would win , Signore was 2nd.
 Ray Stoutenburg's Tarashi Formula Junior.  By '61 the front engined cars were toast despite being beautiful.
 Summer FP race that Porsche's dominated. Hank Thorpe's MG follows #110 Erskin Ingram & two other Porsches.
 Colonel Paul Hyatt’s Aston Martin from that same 1961 summer race.
 1962 is the year Roger Penske shows his brilliance in creating the Telar Special Cooper Monaco.  By naming the car a Telar he could use a sponsor sticker as a manufacturer badge.
 The grid for the AP / BP race. Ferrari versus Corvette. Charlie Hayes on the inside, Dick Thompson’s Vette in the middle and Bob Grossman on the outside.
 Charlie Hayes #7 Berlinetta was on the short end of a battle with Bob Grossman.
 Bob Grossman’s winning Berlinetta.  Grossman always had a hunched over driving style.
 Doug Theims Berlinetta finished 5th after Hayes dropped out.
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