The battle between Charlie Hayes #7 and Bob Grossman’s #90. It looks good here but it got ugly later.
 Tex Hopkins, the Lavender Hill Mob starter, brings the checkered flag to Bob Grossmans slightly battered Berlinetta.
 Hayes Ferrari
 The flying dentist, Dick Thompson was in the battle but his car failed.
 BARCBOY Don Yenko moved to second overall and 1st in BP when Hayes and Thompson dropped out.
 BARC member Bob Bucher took his RSK to 2nd overall behind Penske
  Bucher was fresh off his national championship in 1961 and was hoping to do it again. Marlboro was a great start.
 Bob Holberts new Porsche would let him down and he would finish 7th.
 Penske gets to the inside of Joe Buzzetta to put him a lap down.
 Penske #6 leads Bucher #29 and the Maserati of Charlie Kolb.  The trio would finish 1-2-3.
 Roger Penske dominated the race simply running away with the first of his “unfair advantage” cars.
 Ed Lowther, Lister Chev passes #47 Lola of Bill Stone with the Porsche special #23 of Don Honeywell following
 Ed Lowther bought the Kelso Chev Lister Corvette.  Just a beast of a car and Lowther drove it hard on a track not well suited for it.
 Another shot of Lowther at work, hanging on to a beast.
 Bob Holbert shows some understeer in his new Porsche RS-62.  Note the longer wheelbase than the typical Porsche Spyder.
 Holbert prepares to pass the #99 Lotus 17 of Johnny Boyd.
 Doc Wylie in the #2 Lola passes the Elva Mk 6 of Ben Warren.  Holbert looks to follow Wylie.
 Black Jack Crusoe charging hard in his Alfa to a GP victory
 This TVR that had to compete in EM and did well thanks to a great driver. Who knows who he was?  Write with the correct answer and win a free 8.5x11 print of any photo on BARCBOYS.
 Bruce Jennings in a Carrera signals he is pitting.  Jennings was 3rd overall and 2nd in BP in the big iron race.  At Marlboro a small, good handler could beat horsepower.
 BARC member Ed Shantz drove his Sprite to 7th  in HP.
 BARCBOY Bob Poupard took his new MGA MkII to 12th but he beat Roland Figore.
 Spankeys good friend Don Auray smiles for the camera after a good drive to 2nd  place in F III.
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