The Competition Press story of the Formula Race.
 George Constantine presides over the drivers rebellion after the accident.  Newt Davis in red, hand to mouth,  Charlie Kolb, silver hair-black shirt Jerry Titus far left, long surfer hair, Denise in white suit, Paul O’Shea just R of Constantine, Skip Callanan in yellow.
 Denise McCluggage in a serious mood. Harry Carter in black shirt and Mac Tilton behind Denise.
 Constantine dominates the shot - he was a big man and respected by all. Paul O'Shea (yellow glasses) on his right Skip Callanan in yellow left of the Greek, Jordan King (curly hair and sunglasses), George Alderman in stripped shirt.
 Spankey Smith (hat), Jim Haynes and Don Auray look at Auray’s new FIII car.
 Jakes Stable driver George Alderman and fans;  L-R Barbara Jorison, Renee O'Leary, Mario Castello and teammate Ed Carpenter
 George Alderman takes his future wife on the checkered flag lap.  Can you imagine SCCA allowing a FF winner today putting a great looking gal in his lap for a victory tour?
 Charlie Kolb’s Elva wins another F Jr race in 1960. Easier to name the  ones he didn't win.
 Start of the F Jr race with eventual winner Charlie Kolb in the middle, George Constantine Constantine inside in the Wainer.
 Paul O'Shea leans against a truck while his Junior is fueled.  O’Shea never made it out after the crash.
 Denise McLuggage waits on the grid while SCCA gets things straight.
 The #18 F Junior sits on the grid.
 OK, it's not a FIII car but it is Jim Haynes in the Jocko FJr - described as an "evil machine".  Haynes made it to 8th in the eventual F Junior race.
 Constantine talks over his car with a marshal.
 Constantine on the front straight in his Wainer.
 Pinky Windreidge in the Cunningham Stanguellini talking with Alfred Momo.
 Denise pushes her car to the grid, but was this the July or August race?
 Formula III on the grid. I think this is the August race as there is no #11 in the results for July.
 Harry Carter sits and listens to Newt Davis joke about something. No doubt Newt in his famous red socks.
 Harry Carter arrives back at the pits in his Lotus 18, his sponsor Freddy Bowles loaded down with cameras.
 Charlie Kolb gets a kiss or last minute advice,  Whatever it was, Kolb won easily.
 BARC member Charlie Kurtz wins DP in his AC Bristol.  Nicholas (straw hat) congratulates Charlie and Sandra.
 The Meister Brauser of Harry Heuersits on the grid for practice.  The cars differential broke and the Scarab never started.
 Harry is telling his mechanic “it won’t go”.
 Harry Heuer draws a big crowd as he heads out for practice in the Scarab.
 Ted Rounds in the #75 MGA twin cam.  This shot was taken in the spring but at the big National race Rounds had a great 4th place.
 Ted Rounds is ready to head onto the track.  Karl Stickley, the owner in the long coat and BARC original member Dave Zych is freezing.
 Another shot of the Rounds twincam after the race.
 Sherm Decker presides over his MG engine.  Sherm was a DNF after terrorizing the EP field.
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