No race can take place without the volunteer course workers who stand outside hot or cold, rain or sun.  Thank You.
 Denise McCluggage loved her hats almost as much as racing.  In those days she wore a polka dot helmet.
 John Colgate won DP in his Healey with that Colgate toothpaste grin.
 Bruce Cargill, BARC member #69 was a big, strong man and he drove this tough XK-120 like it was a toy.  Cargill later went on to fame driving a Dodge Colt.
 Sherm and Joan Decker’s son Greg seems ready to take Bucher’s Lotus to the track.
 Charley Stoddard, an Alfa legend, in #21 won G Production.
 Look closely at the 3rd car - that’s BARC member #67 Sherm Decker passing Harry Carter’s AC Bristol on the OUTSIDE in a massive slide.  Decker in an MGA could beat about anything at Lime Rock or Marlboro.  #77 is Bruce Jennings followed by Evelyn Mull’s AC Bristol.
 Decker’s MGA Twin Cam let him down several times.  one of those was today when he played David to the Porsche Carerra and AC Bristol Goliaths,
 Hank Van Dusen’s MGA Twin Cam was prepared by Decker
 Bob Mouat raced his 57 Corvette with great success.  He was 5th this weekend.
 Evelyn Mull sits next to her AC Bristol.  She beat Harry Carter in a similar car, won DP and was 4th overall.  Yet few heard about this early and very successful woman race driver.
 Mrs Mull on her way to victory on the main straight at Lime Rock.
 The eccentric Harry Carter raced his AC Bristol with one arm on the door. Harry drove everything and won in all of them.
 A wonderful portrait of E. F Spicer’s Maserati 150S. Spicer lived in Salisbury and sometimes drove the Maser to the track.
 Gordy Mackenzie in his C Type. Gordon raced the Northeast as many weekends as he could for many years in his C Type. Reportedly Mackenzie raced this C Type 84 times and podiumed in 75% of them.
 Soon-to-be super star Tim Mayer passes Trevor McKenna’s Corvette to finish 2nd in DP and 7th overall.
 Rochester NY’s Norm Webb #85 fights off George Fogg III in his coupe.  Webb was 5th, Fogg 8th.
 Bob Colombosian of Colombo Yogurt raced his Lister Bristol for many seasons.
 Frank Baptista’s Elva Mk IV won G Modified.  Baptista raced G Modified in Lotus or Elva cars and won often.
 Floyd Aaskov in his Lotus 11 didn’t finish this day. Aaskov was a fixture in SCCA for many years.
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