George Constantine in the Elisha Walker Aston DBR2-1
  The Greek’s work paid off   as he won the day
  Hansgen led Constantine at the beginning of the race
  Constantine was a Big man, in a Big car making Big sounds
 Gaston Andrey’s Ferrari TR leads Roger Penske’s RSK.  Andrey would finish 4th, Penske 5th
 Hansgen’s Costin Lister was quick, but today it would not finish the race
 The Great Man, Briggs Cunningham warms up the Lister Jag. Three big DCOE Webers staring at you.
 Here Briggs drives hard exiting Big Bend
 Ed Gelder and his wife drove this 3.8 Ferrari for years.  His biggest victory was the 1958 Glen Classic
 Andrey always wanted the number 25 and it served him well for years.  This is his Ferrari 500 TRC.
 Don Sessler finished 2nd overall beating Andrey and Penske in his RSK.  Sessler and Bob Holbert finished 4th at Sebring in this car.
  Harry Blanchard  moves up to a Prosche 550RS from his usual Carerra  .  He drove both this weekend.
 Now a legend in motorsports, the young Roger Penske in an RSK. It wouldn’t be long before he moved up to the newest, fastest cars.
  Local entrepreneur Newt Davis 550RS represented Lime Rock Lodge .  The car did not finish but the Lodge was The party place.
 Phil Forno from Vestal, NY always helped the BARCBOYS at the races. He was a factory trained Jaguar mechanic at Alfred Momo’s shop and here drives Cunningham’s 550RS
  Newt  Davis & Gordon MacKenzie’s C Type Jag fighting it out
 BARC contributor Bob Kahmer in his Bristol powered Lotus X.  A very rare car recently restored.
 E. F. Spicer in his Maserati 150S.  Spicer drove this beautiful car for a few years
 Briggs Cunningham was a sportsman and a racer, here is sits on the grid ready to race his HM Osca 750 with which he finished 2nd overall.
 Bob Grossman often took cars off his showroom and raced them.  Here he won the big production race in a now priceless Ferrari California.
 Dick Jalbert raced his #39 Corvette for many seasons.  This 4th of July he would finish 3rd.
 Roy Tuerke’s Corvette leads Frank Dominianni.  Tuerke would finish second to the Ferrari, Dominianni (note how banged up the body is) would be 4th
 Frank Wagenhofer’s Porsche 356 Carerra battled all season with Harry Blanchard.  Today Frank was 2nd.
 Blanchard and Wagenhofer were never far apart and provided a bunch of great races all season in 1959.
  A front engined Emeryson FIII driven by Bob Dahnken
 BARC driver Bob Bucher’s Lotus 11 Club #129 was 4th overall and 2nd in G Modified
 Formula III was the post war European proving ground for young racers.  In the States there was a close knit group that had themselves a ball.
 Lex DuPont loved his Formula III and was very fast in his Cooper
 Jim Haynes won the FIII race at Lime Rock and not long after, bought and operated the course.
  Vern Jones’ work was for naught as his #120 was a DNS
 Paul Richards drifts his Cooper to 2nd place.  Richards was a pilot as well as a gifted driver.
 This photo was taken at Lime Rock earlier in the year but gives a great snapshot of the F III family and how they raced.
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