GORDON MACKENZIE:  Gordy in his usual kilts and C Jag were familiar sites in the 50's-60's
 DOUG MARCH:  BARC #59 Doug March raced formula Vee's and is now a Chiropractor near Atlanta. As a teenager March was so fast he could run the 100 yard dash in a hair over 10 seconds.
 BUZZ MARCUS:  The Fuzzman with full hair was a winner in the TR4, BFG challenge days of racing and continued later in his Miata’s.  Buzz sometimes loaned his huge motorhome to us to drive to races while he flew his plane.
 BUZZ MARCUS:  BARC member Buzz Marcus at Moroso in 2005. Buzz Duzz won races in 6 consecutive decades - 1960’s to 2010’s.
 TEDDY & TIM MAYER:  Heirs to the Oscar Mayer Weiner family, the brothers were racers.  Teddy (in front) was a brilliant lawyer that took over McLaren’s reigns when Bruce died.  Tim was quickly becoming a top rank driver when he died in a racing accident in Tazmania in 1964.
 ARCHIE MEANS:  Means in his championship AC Bristol. Means owned a lumber yard in western Pennsylvania and helped get Charlie Kurtz into racing.
 ROBERTO MIERES:  A great Argentinean GP and sports car driver. This photo at one of his last races, Sebring 1960.
 DEAN MC CARTHY:  From Cortland, NY. In this photo he has won the Glen Classic in 1961 with Ferrari Berlinetta. McCarthy started in SAABs then to Corvettes and eventually the Ferrari. Spankey Smith behind in dark glasses.
 DENISE MC CLUGGAGE.  A pioneer woman racer and journalist.  Here at the 1961 Sebring race where the BARCBOYS helped her and Allan Eager win the GT class in a financed Ferrari Berlinetta she drove from New York.
 DENISE MC CLUGGAGE: In this photo you get two drivers. Denise talks something over with Stirling Moss.  A wonderful history in the NY Times at  https://www.nytimes.com/2015/05/10/sports/autoracing/denise-mccluggage-auto-racing-pacesetter-dies-at-88.html
 BRUCE  MC LAREN:  Was the youngest driver to win a Grand Prix for years.  Born in New Zealand McLaren was both driver and designer/engineer.  He parted ways from Cooper in 1964 to start his own team.  The McLaren name has won about everything it has entered from F1 to LeMans and of course the domination of the Can Am series with Denny Hulme.  Bruce died in 1970 but his name continues.
 BRUCE MC LAREN:  Like most Kiwi’s, McLaren had a great sense of humor and loved practical jokes - at the expense of others.
 KEN MILES:  Conferring with Bruce McLaren, Miles shows the nose that gained him the nickname The Hawk.  A brilliant engineer and driver who came to the US after WWII.  Gained early fame with his Flying Shingle MG special and was instrumental in perfecting the Ford GT-40.
 JOHN MECOM:  Not really a driver but an important owner in the 60’s and 70’s.  Graham Hill won the Indy 500 in Mecom’s car.  He also started and owned the New Orleans Saints football team.
 DONNA MAE MIMMS:  The very stylish and very fast Think Pink lady  Donna Mae Mimms.  A BARC member and the very first SCCA National Champion.
 DONNA MAE MIMMS:  Not just fast in a car but a funny and gorgeous woman.  She appeared at the 50th anniversary BARC reunion wearing her champagne wig and pink short shorts.  What a gal !
 Arguably the fastest driver ever, Sir Stirling Moss.  Moss could win in anything you gave him; formula III to formula 1; sports cars, saloons, GT cars.  He was what BARCBOYS would call the first professional race driver.  This photo at the 1961 US Grand Prix.
 Sir Stirling hops into his Cooper F1 car at the 1959 Watkins Glen Formula Libre race
 PAT MOSS:  The sister of Sir Stirling and a world class rally driver winning the coupe des dames at the Monte Carlo rally twice and was 5 time European Womens Champion.  The wife of Swedish Rally Champion Erik Carllson. She drove at Sebring with her brother in Austin Healey Sprites.
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