BOB JOHNSON:  The Ohio Bob Johnson drove Corvettes, Cobra’s, Mustangs and a stint with Jim Hall in the Chaparrals.
 SHERWOOD JOHNSTON:  Johnston was Briggs Cunningham’s main driver.  In 1955 he was heavily affected by the LeMans disaster.  Walt Hansgen joined Cunningham in 1956 and both rolled their D Types at Road America.  The accident combined with what he witnessed at LeMans was enough and Johnston retired.
 JIM JEFFORDS:  Jeffords gained his fame driving the famous Purple People Eater Corvette for Nickey Chevrolet.  Next they continued winning when they bought a Scarab from Lance Reventlow and painted it purple.  Jeffords had success in a birdcage Maserati but his Chevy fame inducted him into the Corvette Hall of Fame.
 BRUCE KESSLER:  Kessler was a buddy of Lance Revetlow and James Dean.  Somehow he started racing below the SCCA age of 21 and was quick from the beginnng.  Kessler drove everywhere - Sebring, LeMans, Nassau, often in Ferrari’s.  His career then switched to film and he became well known in TV and movie circles.  Kessler and Reventlow were the last persons to see James Dean before his crash on Sept 30,1955.
 CHARLIE KOLB:  Tall, thin Kolb came out of the DC area sports car crowd.  Kolb could and did drive everything and won in everything.  In 1959 he drove Elva, Lotus, Cooper, MG, Maserati, Jaguar, DKW, Volvo, Simca, Triumph, Morgan, Fairthorpe, Ferrari and even Porsche.  The only car he did not win in was the Jag.
 OSCAR KOVELESKI:  An amazing man and BARC member.  Oscar started racing in 1951 in an MG-TD.  He started the model car Auto-World magazine and Kids Racers.  along the way he raced CanAm cars winning the SCCA national championship in 1970.
 OSCAR KOVELESKI:  Oscar is a world class promoter of everything.  If you need to market it, Oscar is the man.  Here he tells Denny Hulme exactly how he should drive his McLaren.
 OSCAR KOVELESKI: Always a very fun guy. Koveleski started the PRDA; Polish Race Drivers Association. He Tony Adamowitz and Brad Niemicek nearly won the first Sea-to-Shining-Sea race in a Chevy Van loaded with 5-50 gallon drums of 130 octane fuel. It took Dan Gurney to beat them.
 HAL KECK:  Keck started winning in Corvettes and saw the wisdom of moving over to the Cobra.  He was an instant winner in the Archway Ford 427 Cobra.
 HAL KECK:  Sitting in the blue Cobra.  Keck and Oscar Koveleski won the USRRC Watkins Glen 500 in 1965.
 CHARLIE KURTZ:  BARC member and mentor to all of us youngsters along with Bob Bucher and Sherm Decker.  Charlie drove MGA’s then early Elva’s.  He went to Sebring in 1959 with Arch Means and Ross Wees switched to an AC Bristol.  Over the next 2 seasons Charlie was always on the podium.
 CHARLIE KURTZ:  Charlie with his signature BARC straw boater sits with his wife Sandra and AC Competitor Pierre Mion.
 CHARLIE KURTZ:  After the AC Charlie won the SCCA national championship in his Lola Mk I and won several more races in his Porsche RS-60.  Unfortunately for all Charlie Kurtz was killed when hit by a truck in his VW. in 1964.  Charlie was only 29 years old.
 NIKI LAUDA:  Three time world champion.  Anybody reading this should know all about Niki.  Taken at USGP Watkins Glen by Don Struke.
 BOB LEITZINGER:  BARC member Leitzonger is a past SCCA national champion and hard competitor in IMSA and TransAm.  His first team was this mob and his Austin-Healey.
 BOB LEITZINGER:  One of his most successful rides was this Lotus Elan out of his dealership.  Leitzinger raced and won in most anything you gave him.  Now (2019) trying to create a monster home/workshop/garage in North Carolina which, he claims, is far more difficult than any racecar.
 BUTCH LEITZINGER:  Another son of a BARC driver.  Butch won his class at LeMans a few times including a 3rd overall.  World Sports Car Champ and many time IMSA race winner.  Butch even won a NASCAR race and an off road pro event.
 ED LOWTHER:  Lowther was a solid Corvetter driver before moving up to a quiick Genie Ford and other CanAm cars.
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