JIM HALL:. Hall was not only a great driver but a world changing designer bringing aerodynamics to the world of racing cars.  Who will ever forget his “sucker” car.  It ran one race and was banned !!
 JIM HALL:  Hall at the wheel of an early Chaparral 2, the car he and Hap Sharp won the 1965 Sebring 12 hour. Hall’s successes are many, here is a link to an excellent article;  http://www.grandprixhistory.org/hall_bio.htm
 HANS HERMANN:  Hermann celebrated his 90th birthday in 2018. Hermann drove for the Mercedes team in 1955 but had his greatest success with Porsche. A winner at Sebring, LeMans and Daytona.
 hans hermann:  Hans won many prestigious events but is probably best remembered for this wild accident at Avus, Germany in his BRM Grand Prix car. Hermann sits on the road watching his car destroyed after being thrown out.
 WALT HANSGEN:  Westfield Walt Hansgen was a BARCBOY hero and one of America’s finest drivers. Long after he dominated SCCA with the Cunningham team he continued winning in everything he drove.
 WALT HANSGEN:  Walt with his trademark aviator sunglasses and the RRDC sticker on his helmet.
 WALT HANSGEN:  Hansgen looks over a photo with BARC founder Dave Nicholas in 1959.
 JIM HAYNES:  Jakes Stable driver Jim Haynes in his Formula III Cooper.
 JIM HAYNES:  Haynes went on to own and manage Lime Rock Park for many years and collected some great cars along the way.  After Lime Rock, Jim managed Road America.  Racing in the US owes a lot to Jim Haynes.
 HARRY HEUER:  Heir to the Peter Hand Brewery and the man who renamed the Scarabs “Meister Brausers” and drove them to much success.
 GRAHAM HILL:  two time World Champion, winner of LeMans and the Indy 500. A great, numerous man and the father of a future F1 World Champion, Damon Hill.
 GRAHAM HILL:  What may not be well known is Hill was a BARC member. That’s the kind of fun man he was. Tragically killed in a plane accident while the boss of the Hill Embassy Formula One team.
 PHIL HILL:  The great Phil Hill. America’s Premier driver in the early 50’s and America’s first World Champion driving for Ferrari in 1961. Hill won Sebring and LeMans 3 times, drove a Chaparral to victory at the Nurburgring among dozens of victories.
 PHIL HILL:  Hill looks over Watkings Glen at the 1958 Formula Libre race. With him is Richie Ginther, one of his west coast buddies who would join the Ferrari factory team along with Hill.
 DAVID HOBBS:  Hobbs reading speed sport news, no doubt studying for his future career as a television commentator. Hobbs brought a lot of credentials to broadcast as he had done it all.
 DAVID HOBBS. Hobbo was one of the most versatile drivers of his time. He won in formula cars, sedans, CanAm. competed in F1 and Indy and NASCAR.  He has chronicled it all in his book “Hobbo”.
 Bob Holber celebrating victory with his wife at Thompson in 1960.  Holbert won dozens of races for Porsche in the RS-RSK RS-60 era.
 Holbert was fond of his cigars and straw hats.  Holbert owned a Porsche-VW agency which was his link to the early Porsche sports racers.  Holbert ended his career driving for Carroll Shelby in his King Cobra’s.
 AL HOLBERT:  Bob’s son followed his father as a great driver of Porsches among others.  Three time winner of LeMans and Daytona and 5 time IMSA champ.  Holbert drove NASCAR and Indy cars and won in CanAm.  His life was cut short in an airplane accident in 1988.  Holbert was 44..  https://autoweek.com/article/imsa/racing-world-remembers-al-holbert-30-years-after-his-tragic-death
 HOWDY HOLMES: Holmes was the 1978 Atlantic Champ and successful CART driver heads the Jiffy Bake Mix empire.
 ED HUGUS:  Ed Hugus (in car) and Allan Connell with their Ferrari at Sebring in 1961. Hugus was the epitome of the gentleman driver. A paratrooper in WWII he was one of the “greatest generation”. Hugus won LeMans with Masten Gregory and Jochen Rindt. Hugus was also a partner with Carroll Shelby in making the Cobras. But that’s a story for another time.  https://www.sportscarmarket.com/news/obituary-for-le-mans-winner-ed-hugus
 DENNY HULME:  Bruce McLaren’s New Zealand mate and team driver. Hulme won the F1 World Championship for Brabham in 1967. Then and won two CanAm championship with McLaren. For more  http://www.grandprixhistory.org/hulme_bio.htm
 DENNY HULME:   Hulme after the Glen Can Am 1969 ready to taste a beer in Spankey Smith’s motor home. Hulme spent hours in the BARC motorhome along with all the F1 and CanAm greats.
 JAMES HUNT:  James Hunt at the US Grand Prix 1978. Hunt was a brilliant if erratic at times, driver. Known as Hunt the Shunt he did become F1 World Champion in 1976. Hunt died at 45 from a heart attack no doubt hastened by his wild lifestyle.
 JACKIE ICKX”   Another of his generation that could drive and win in everything. Six wins at leMans, 8 grand prix victories and even a win at the Dakar rally. An aloof man who did things HIS way. Famous for refusing to run to his GT-40 at LeMans but walked to the car, buckled up and then won the race.
 INNES IRELAND:  Innes was a bon vivant/playboy of the first order. He also won the Lotus factory team its first F1 race at Watkins Glen in 1961. Ireland won many sports car and saloon races. For a nice history of Ireland, go to  https://www.motorsportmagazine.com/archive/article/december-1993/29/very-fine-fellow
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