ALLAN EAGER:  Alan Eager, better known as a jazz sax player, drove with Denise McCluggage in an osca in 1960 and the class winning Ferrari Berlinetta at Sebring 61.
 GUS EHRMAN:  Gus was a fast early SCCA driver and famous MG pilot. Gus was a WWII RAF pilot who came to the US to work with J.S. Inskip. Gus was part of the MG EX219 crew at Bonneville which set a dozen FIA records.
 STEVE ELFENBEIN:  One of the Philadelphia area crowd and early Corvette driver, he was a terror on road courses and hillclimbs.  Steve switched to a Camaro later in his driving career.
 JUAN MANUEL FANGIO:  Our spies only saw Fangio in 1958.  In Nicholas’ opinion the absolute finest race driver of all time.  Forget Schumacher, Senna and Lewis - Fangio won 45% of all the Grand Prix he entered.  Enough said.
 GENE FELTON:  One hard nosed, hard driving and very fun guy, just a typical Marine.  Felton won 46 times in 136 IMSA starts in everything from V* Camaro’s to American Challenge Buick’s and eventually IMSA RS Gremlins.
 JOHN FITCH:  John Fitch shows Sir Alfred Momo something in the birdcage cockpit Fitch drove at Sebring in 1960.  Fitch was one of America’s first international drivers.  He was chosen by Mercedes to be a factory driver in the 300SL’s.
 JOHN FITCH:  Fitch stands next to Briggs Cunningham at Sebring in 1960.  Fitch drove for Cunningham most of his career.
 EMMERSON FITTIPALDI:  Emmo should always be considered among the absolute greats.  Two time F1 World Champion, two time Indy 500 champion and a CART champion.
 GEORGE FOLLMER:  One of America’s premier road racers.  A champion in the USRRC, CanAm and TransAm driving some of the most ferocious machinery against some of the most ferocious drivers.  He competed in and won a USAC champ car race and even podiumed in F1.
 ELLIOTT FORBES-ROBINSON:  A winner in 7 different series of racing.  EFR won from super vees to the Baja 1000 and back to IMSA and beyond.  At age 61 he was still among the fastest winning 2 Rolex Sports Car races.  A remarkable career.
 ALAN FRIEDLAND:  barc member Alan started in a BMW 507 and later made himself famous in an Elva MK VII.  Alan and wife Phyllis were fun regulars at all the NE races.  Alan’s best chance for a national championship went sour with a dnf at the first SCCA American Road Race of Champions at Daytona.
 ALAN & PHYLLIS FRIEDLAND:  Alan had his lovely redhead wife with him at all the races.
 BRIAN FUERSTENAU: A bright young driver and engineer. He worked closely with Bob Tullius and Group 44 winning a national championship at the first SCCA runoffs in 1965.. Like many others he died while piloting his T6G WWII trainer. Brian and I went to drivers school together.
 JAMES GARNER:  Garner actually drove a few races as well as starring in the movie Grand Prix. Garner supported several race teams but it finally got too expensive even for him.
 OLIVIER GENDEBIEN:  One of the most successful sports car drivers ever.  The Belgian won LeMans 4 times and Sebring and the Targa Florio 3 times as well as the Nurburgring 1000.  He had a solid record in F1 but not as good as in the long distance races.
 OLIVIER GENDEBIEN: The Commendatore Enzo Ferrari called him “Piloti, che gente” as he was so consistent over hours and took great care of the cars. Urbane and well educated Gendebien was the heir to the Solvay chemical fortune. Regardless of lineage, Gendebien was in the WWII Belgian resistance in his home country and Holland.  A nice tribute to Olivier
 MASTEN GREGORY: The Kansas City Flash. Gregory was a hero of Jim Clark, Carroll Shelby and Joe Tierno. Tierno liked him because he was one of the only really quick drivers to wear glasses. Shelby said he was the fastest American to go to Europe and drive an F1 car. For a good, quick read on Gregory -
 MASTEN GREGORY:  Gregory had several big wins.   Biggest of his career was winning LeMans in 1965, but he also won in CanAm and the Nurburgring 1000.  We do know he was fearless and there are a few stories of him jumping out of cars just before they crashed.  True?
 PETER GETHIN:  A Formula 3 ace, this British driver’s big moment was the victory at the 1971 Italian GP in a BRM V12.  At the time it was the fastest avg speed in F1 history.  Later Gethin came to the US and had a solid career in CanAm and F5000.
 DICK GRIME: Dick Grime, BARC member #51, holds the Queen Catherine trophy won at Watkins Glen with Judy Beattie & champagne.  Rich campaigned early Elva’s, even an MGB but had his greatest success in his Lotus 23.
 DAN GURNEY:  If you are on this website and don’t know about Dan Gurney, shame on you.  A true American hero from driving race cars to designing race cars to running teams and making innovations that revolutionized aerodynamics and auto performance.
 DAN GURNEY:  Gurney had problems because he was 6’4” tall and didn’t fit in a lot of race cars.  Ford famously put a “Gurney bulge” in his LeMan winning Ford GT so he would not hit his head on the roof.  Here at Sebring in 1960.
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