SKIP CALLANAN:  Skip headed up the Team Roosevelt racing team of Fiat Abarths.  He won the very first race at Lime Rock and later Little LeMans at Lime Rock with Roger Penske.  His cars won numerous HP & GP races in the 60’s,
 BRUCE CARGILL:  BARC member #69, Cargill was one in a million.  Bruce drove everything from honker Jag XK120's to Dodge Colts.
 BRUCE CARGILL:  Next to his Dodge Colt when he won the Car & Driver Lime Rock Challenge.  Rumor has it that “friends” scattered his ashes at Lime Rock.
 HARRY CARTER: Harry drove sports cars and formula cars with great success in the 50's & 60's. Won the Vanderbilt Cup in 1960. Legend from long ago had Carter leaving for the West coast to never return.
 HARRY CARTER:  With his huge Vanderbilt Cup trophy.
 DEAN CAUSEY:  A very smart and inventive farmer, Causey and his twin brother Dean had a stable full of great racing cars and loved to compete at Sebring.
 KEVIN COGAN:  Very fast young driver.  Won in the junior open wheel series in FB and Indy then hit the big time.  Most remembered for starting in the front row of the 1982 Indy 500 and had his car suddenly swerve taking out Mario Andretti and AJ Foryt.  Had to F1 starts
 MICKEY COHEN:  BARC member Mickey Cohen was from the Scranton, PA area and drove Elva's & Lotii.  Always a good party guy.
 PETER COLLINS: English GP driver. One of our favorites as he and Mike Hawthorne loved to party and race. Collins, like so many others, had a brilliant career cut short in 1958 at the Nurburgring. Here at Sebring in 1957. Collins was an early hero.  To know more;
 ALAN CONNELL: Connell (in car) A Fort Worth rancher and oil man was introduced to racing by Hap Sharp. Here he co-drives with Ed Hugus in this Ferrari.  Connell had many successes in Ferrari’s and in his birdcage Maserati.
 GEORGE CONSTANTINE:  The Flying Greek was a big, robust, happy man who could drive the wheels off anything from the ferocious Aston Martin DBR2-1 to a formula Junior.  Always respected, Constantine was always a spokesman for the race driver.
 GEORGE CONSTANTINE:  The Big Greek after winning the Nassau Trophy in 1959.  Happiest in big, loud, fast cars George was always fun to watch.
 JOHN COOPER:  We never saw Cooper race but we sure saw dozens of his cars race and win.  A very open and gregarious man, Cooper envisioned the rear engine race car revolution of the 50’s and 60’s.  At Watkins Glen
 PIERS COURAGE: Piers Courage was heir to Courage Beer fortune Her at Watkins Glen in 1969. Sadly died at Zandvoort in '70.  BARC met Piers when he visited Spankey Smith’s Winnebago at Watkins Glen.
 ED CRAWFORD:  From a well to do Chicago family, he beat everyone in his 550 Porsche and then drove for Cunningham in Listers and Maserati’s.
 ED CRAWFORD:  Here flirting with Denise McCluggage at Cumberland in 1959.
 BRIGGS CUNNINGHAM:  Perhaps the greatest American sportsman.  Cunningham built his own American cars to win LeMans.  He came close.  Briggs did win the Americas Cup yacht race in 1958 aboard his boat Columbia.  We remember as it caused him to miss the ‘58 Watkins Glen GP.
 BRIGGS CUNNINGHAM:  Briggs drove well into his years.  Always a gentleman racer he also put together a fabulous auto collection now the Collier Collection in Naples, FL.  There are no more Briggs Cunninghams.  We were privileged to share races with him.
 NEWT DAVIS: Proprietor of Lime Rock Lodge, partner in Lotus East. Newt Davis was a great host, driver and party animal. The parties at the Lodge will forever be legend.
 DOUG DIFFENDERFER: Fast Club racer most noted for dominating in a Siata 208.  He was SCCA National champ in 1960.
 CHUCK & SUZIE DIETRICH:  Both fast drivers, Dietrich brought Elva to the forefront of small bore racing in the US winning lots of races from the Mk I to the Mk XII.
 CHUCK & SUZIE DIETRICH;  No that is not Maynard Krebs, it is Chuck Dietrich and his very fast racer wife, Suzie at Sebring in 1960
 SHERM DECKER:  One of the true hero’s of the barcboys.  Sherm made his fame in MG's winning about everything one could.  Here  he waits on the grid in Team Poupard's car.
 SHERM DECKER:  A mans man, Decker was a superb mechanic who never shied away from a beer or a cigarette.  He was nicknamed :Arms: for his muscular physique.  You did not want Decker mad at you.  I know !!
 SHERM DECKER:  Sherm made the jump from MG’s to CanAm cars first in a Cooper Ford and then a Lola T-70.  Decker put fear in the big name teams with his speed, but the car consistently let him down
 PATRICK DEPAILLIER:  French Grand Prix ace shown here at Watkins Glen.  Depailler won 2 Grand Prixs over a span of 95 starts.  He was tragically killed at Hockenheim in 1980.
 FRANK DOMINIANNI: A decorated WWII vet with George Patton, Frank returned to Long Island to open a speed shop. We loved him because he was kind of blind and went really deep into corners locking brakes and sliding around. Frank was the BP national champ in 1964.
 MARK DONOHUE: Not much can be said about Capt. Nice that has not already been written. Dedicated, tireless. Part of Penske’s “unfair advantage” team.
 MARK DONOHUE: We met him as a rookie racing an Elva Courier.  The barcboys helped Mark and Jay Signore in the early days.  Sad to have lost such an American hero at the Austrian GP in 1975.
 LEX DU PONT:  Yes, Lex was one of THE DuPonts but also one hell of a sportsman and driver.  Lex loved FIII cars and competed almost exclusively in that class.
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