CHRIS AMON: New Zealand’s Chris Amon at the 1977 St. Jovite Can Am. Some say the best driver to never win a Grand Prix.  Amon started his first Grand Prix at 19 years of age.  As with most Kiwi’s Amon drove for McLaren but switched to Ferrari in 1967 where he won a number of pole positions only to have the car fail.
 GEORGE ALDERMAN:  One of the great guys.  Won in everything from F III’s to CanAm cars and even IMSA sedans.  One of Jake’s Stable’s finest.
 George made iti into the Delaware Sports Hall of Fame and sure deserved it.  He was as much an innovator as driver.  Had great results in a Cooper he stuffed an Alfa motor in and then any number of CanAm cars.
 J. WARD ALLEN:  Ward ran the Allen Funeral Home and was a good club racer.  Here at Sebring in 1960 co driving a Morgan with Jim Forno and Ike Williamson.  Drove Sunbeam Alpines in SCCA.
 MARIO ANDRETTI: World Champion, Indy 500 winner, Daytona 500 winner.  Andretti could drive and win in anything.
 MARIO ANDRETTI:  Mario Andretti at the Glen GP in 1979.  He was a DNF in the Team Lotus
 GASTON “GUS” ANDREY:  Gaston Andrey won in the east for years.  Morgan, Ferrari, Maserati even Formula cars.  His Boston area dealership is still going in the hands of his sons.
 DAVE ASH:  MG driver and promoter extraordinaire.  Ash competed from the early 50’s and worked for importer J.S. Inskip.  Ash was responsible for the MG factory coming to Sebring.
 DON AURAY:  Don Auray at Lime Rock in 1960.  Primarily drove Formula III's and was a good friend of Spankey Smith.
 FRANK BAPTISTA:  A 3 time SCCA National Champ, Frank loved the small bore Lotus and Elva cars.  A WWII vet who fought in the Battle of the Bulge, he returned and worked as a service manager at several Washington, DC area dealers.
 JEAN BEHRA:  Behra was a fearless GP and sports car driver from France.  Fiery with great car control Behra wrung the most he could in a Maserati 250F against the mighty Mercedes team.  He was as fearless racing motorcycles as in cars.  You can see part of his left ear is missing as well as part of his nose due to racing bike crashes.
 JOHN BISHOP:  Not known as a driver, John Bishop did more for sports car racing in the US than anyone.  He brought the SCCA our of the “old boy” club into pro racing and started IMSA.  He and his wife Peg were friends to everyone and deserve every award imaginable.  Here at Watkins Glen talking to Walt Hansgen (in hat).
 JEAN BEHRA: with his buddy American Harry Shell at Sebring. Behra wore his famous checkered flag helmet which became the masthead for Competition Press and is still used today by AutoWeek.  Behra never won a Grand Prix.
 JOACHIM BONNIER: Jo Bonnier drove everything from F1 BRM’s & Porsche’s to Lola T-70’s, Chaparrals. From Sweden, Bonnier was respected and well liked. He was the head of the Grand Prix Drivers Association and tried to promote more safety on dangerous circuits but the FIA was too powerful.
 Bonnier holds a drawing presented to him by Cuban Johnny Cuevas at Sebring in 1960.
 JACK BRABHAM:  “Black Jack” was 3 time World Champion and brought the idea of rear engined cars to the Indy 500.  Brabham was noted early on for his aggressive sliding and drifting.  He created his own very successful brand of racing cars and all his sons were also accomplished drivers.
 BILL BRACK: Canada's Bill Brack drove 3 F1 races and dominated Canadian Formula Atlantics. Later switched to MG factory cars and Mini’s.
 TONY BRISE: Here with his patron Graham Hill at Watkins Glen in 1975. Brise. One of 3 great British drivers in the 70’s, Brise was killed along with Hill in an airplane accident.  He was considered Britain’s rising star at the time of his death.
 BOBBY BROWN: Smiling and Happy, Bobby Brown loved his V8’s and started in Corvettes, did years of CanAm, later Prototypes and even GT cars. Also fast in formula cars and Bobby is still racing.  Was SVRA driver of the year in 2012.
 JACOB ROBERT BUCHER:  Bob Bucher was a hero and mentor to the barcboys.  Bucher flew P-51’s and Bombers in WWII and was unflappable.  SCCA national champion in his RSK Porsche, he took Woody Young’s Lola T-70 to a tie in the NE with Bobby Brown.
 BOB BUCHER:  The Binghamton Bullet long before racing cars he was flying in the sky.  Here next to his P-51.
 BOB BUCHER:  Jake sits with Woody Young in the Lola after a win.
 DOC BUNDY:  Doc made his reputation winning the SCCA DP national championship in 1980 and then worked for Brumos, Group 4 and later Ford and Hendricks as well as Al Holbert.  Doc is still racing today with Regogo in a Lotus 23.
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