Walt Hansgen with his favorite #60 but this time in a red Cunningham car rather than white with blue stripes.  Nothing much changed.  Walt wins Cumberland.
 Walt Hansgen's Cunningham Birdcage leads Roger Penske's Porsche RSK. Walt wins and Penske comes 3rd
 The Cunningham team trailer.  Took a lot of guts to use that ladder and then sit in a wood box on top.  Alfred Momo with his hands in his pocket and Phil Forno (sitting) watch the races.
 Gus Andrey moves up to a  Tipo 61 Maserati for 1960 and finishes a solid 2nd behind Hansgen.
 A great John Kelley shot of Roger Penske. We were all impressed that Roger could beat the normally unbeatable Bob Holbert.
 Bob Holbert in his RSK was 4th behind Penske.
 Floyd  Aaskov spins the Costin-Lister Buick and ends up a dnf.  I don’t think we ever saw a Buick in either a Knobbly or a Costin Lister.
 The Flying Dentist, Dick Thompson in the B Modified Sting Ray Corvette. This car always attracted a lot of attention and was the private pride of GM design vice president Bill Mitchell.
 Thompson in a little power slide. Regardless of the power in its V8, it could do no better than 5th behind the two Maseratis and the two Porsches.
 The deluxe way to race in 1960.  Brand new Chevrolet Brookwood station wagon and your prototype Sports racer.  Note the wagon is carrying what appears to be Michigan manufacturer plates.
 Production car battle as Mike Mims  leads winner Dean McCarthy in the long wheelbase Berlinetta and Pierre Mion's California.  McCarthy was DQ'd
 A shot from practice showing just how big the Costin Lister was when put next to the Ferrari Berlinetta.
 Another look at how people raced. The Ferrari was driven to the race, we used liquid white shoe polish to write the numbers.then washed them off once the races were finished.
 Gene Parsons’ 2.0 Ferrari is showing # 777,   The results say he had #779. But we know better - he ran with 777 and finished 7th overall, 1st in EM.
 Gene Parsons 500 TRC flips its gas lid in the S turns leading to the finish line
 Another pairing of practice strange bedfellows as a Corvair follows a Ferrari
 Bob Grossman heads out in his Ferrari California after practice.  He would have a rare dnf on race day.  The Ferrari Tour de France was not racing.
 BARC member Charlie Kurtz gets it a bit mixed up in his AC Bristol.  Charlie was 3rd in D Production.
 A long look at the Cumberland airport course.  The limits to the track were defined by bushel baskets.  Honest good old wooden bushel baskets.  This is another shot of Charlie Kurtz’ AC Bristol.
 Chandler Lawrence was 2nd in C Production to Bruce Jennings in his #20 Porsche Carerra.
 Duncan Black scorched the EP field in the Daimler. These cars were totally misclassified in 1960. The Daimler eventually ended up in CP.
 Color shot of an XK-150 losing it, but a good glimpse of the great hills that surrounded western Maryland.
 TED ROUNDS: The Legend barc member Ted Rounds in the Stickley twin cam. Ted did not have the day he hoped for. This twin cam has been in the hands of BARCBOY members since it was first sold. Karl Stickley, Gordy Ruston and now Dan Fadden.
 MGA TWIN CAMS:  The cars of Ted Rounds (brown jacket) and Hank van Duesen sit in the huge Cumberland paddock.  Maserati 200S provides the foreground.
 Ted Rounds leads a TR-3 onto the back straight.
 Another Morris Garage dealership MGA twin cam. This one driven to 10th by Cobleskill, New York’s Hank vanDuesen.
 BARC #66 Bob Poupard in the EP MGA twin cam leads Richard Hayes Alfa.
 We had no money and stayed either in our cars, on the ground or in flea bag hotels.  This was the view from our window in Cumberland.  The Brooks Hotel.  One bathroom per floor, but it was cheap.
 TIM MAYER:  Lots of Formula Juniors came out in 1960. Here is future star Tim Mayer in a Lotus 18, finishing 3rd
 CHARLIE KOLB:   in his Elva Junior. Kolb pulled a hat trick at Cumberland. 1st in Formula Jr, 1st in F production with an Elva Courier and 1st in G Modified with an Elva Mk V.
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