Bob Holbert leans against his Porsche 550RS.  Note the huge crowd that came to the Cumberland airport to spectate.
 Len Butscher was 3rd in EM in his #11 Ferrari Testa Rosa
 The all new for 1958 Lister Jags were unstoppable early in the year.  Walt Hansgen takes the win for the Cunningham team
 Great battle between Ed Crawford's Cunningham Lister Jag and Bill Sadler's fast Chev Special.  It ended when Sadler was mistakenly black flagged.
 The Flying Greek, George Constantine,  drives this D Jaguar to third in CM behind the 2 Cunningham Lister Jags.
 Canadian Bill Sadler ran a tight 3rd until a stupid black flag slowed him and he was eventually DQ’d.
 The Big motor Ferrari 375+ owned by George Reed was driven by Ed Hugus.
 Walt Hansgen closes in to pass Ed Hugus in the big Ferrari.
 Gus Andrey in the Ferrari 500TRC with his trademark #25 was 2d in EM but outclassed by the Porsche 550 of Don Sessler.
 Denise McLuggage, in the 550A Porsche, has her head down and driving hard to keep in front of Andrey's Ferrari.
 Maserati 300S with Bark Henry at the wheel.  Later in the year Mrs. Boden would but a Lister Corvette for Henry.  Today he was 6th OA and 2nd in DM.
 BARC racer Charlie Kurtz in hs Elva Mk II gets ready to pass  the Fairthorpe Electron of Bob Willoughby.
 Rip Ripley, #78 Elva, hounds an old Ferrari Mondial.  Rip finished a fine 2nd behind Frank Baptista.
 In an all BARC G Modified Elva battle, Chuck Dietrich leads Millard Ripley early in the race.
 Tom Gilmour in his Lotus leads Brad Howe’s FIAT Zagato and Bob Saidel in the Jomar in a race long GM race.  Howe would beat Saidel and Gilmour.
 Don Wolf takes the checker from starter Jesse Coleman for 5th in FP.
 Fred Windridge #99 Corvette wins BP and here leads Evelyn Mull's AC Bristol.
 Bob Furason’s OSCA 750 looked great but was a DNF.
 Is it Doc Wyllie or his wife Peg driving the #2 Lotus? Peg was 2d in the Ladies race. We think Doc did not drive that weekend.
 Jim Haynes in a nice slide in his Cooper FIII.  The future owner of Lime Rock was 4th.
 Formula III action.  Bob Kahmer leads Harry Whitney but Whitney wins with Bob 2nd.
 Jim Haynes pushes the R. Hagy's newer Mk V Cooper.
 Paul Richards Cooper FIII could do no better than 6th.  Unusual for Richards as he was often a winner.
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