Charlie Kolb (cowboy hat) looks over adjustments to his Elva.
 Don Sessler’s RSK Porsche was quick, but could not catch Walt Hansgen’s Lister or Bob Holbert’s RSK
 Here’s one we need a caption for.  Eddie Crawford is messing with Denise McCluggage while Walt Hansgen stands by looking amused.
 The Holbert family had a great weekend with Bob finishing second.
 Heading to the start line we have Walt Hansgen in the Cunningham Lister on the far left, Bill Sadler in the middle and Ray Hixon’s Corvette Special. Behind the front row are Briggs Cunningham and Ed Crawford in the other two Cunningham Listers.
 The Big bore B, C, D production field headed out.  Jim Jeffords in the Purple People Eater #1 Corvette (center) would lead but drop out.  #18 Ben Moore would finish 5th.
 Bill Sadler’s team bus and car.
 Team Roosevelt always showed with plenty of the fast FIAT Abarth coupes.  81 changed its number to 83 and Paul Richards drove it to 2nd overall and first in I production.
 Gus Andrey’s Ferrari 500TRC had a battle with Charlie Kolb in a 2 liter Maserati.  Andrey was 2nd in E Modified and 7th overall
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