Bridgehampton was a very fast circuit surrounded by sand dunes. It was far out on Long Island and high atop a hill with a commanding view of Sag Harbor. This is photo taken during construction
 Bridgehampton as it is now - a Golf Course but you can still see the faded bones of this once great race circuit.
 The famous Chevron bridge over the first turn during the 1966 CanAm race..
 The same Chevron Bridge today.
 1951 Winner was Briggs Cunningham in this Ferrari 166 Inter
 In 1951 the second place car was also owned by Briggs Cunningham. This Ferrari 195 for Phil Walters. Imagine its worth in the 21st century.
 Racing on the tip of Long Island roads. Formula IIIs: John Fitch on the right and Peter Dillnut on the left
 Three D Types at the front, a Healey 100S in the second row, but Phil Hill lurks in row 4 in the white Ferrari behind Bob Templar’s Jaguar XK-SS
 Rear of grid sees #10 John Kilborns Ferrari and Duncan Black’s XK-SS #11 with the fantastic view of Sag Harbor, home to so many American authors and artists.
 Fabulous period shot of the main building and start banner.
 Phil Hill leads 2 of the Cunningham D Types into the valley of lefts.  Cunningham brought 4 D Types for Walt Hansgen, Charley Wallace, Phil Forno and himself.
 Hazy shot taken from far away that shows the great battle between Hill and Charley Wallace, here side by side.
 An unidentified but proud FIII driver shows his trophy
 Spectators wander the course overlooking Sag Harbor. The BARCBOYS had a drink in that village with Nobel Prize winning author John Steinbeck.
 In a photo from Lou Schultz, Hansgen has Alfred Momo in the victorious D Type. Hansgen’s first, but by no means his last, at The Bridge.
From the Bob Holbert collection
 The Holbert family relaxes at the Maidstone hotel lot.  A field of those famous Long Island potatoes in back.
 Bob Holbert gets his pit signal as the sun begins to set.
 A young 11 year old Al Holbert waits in the paddock next to a Nash Rambler.
 A beautiful new Lotus 11. Driver unknown but a friend of Bob Holbert.
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