Phil Hill’s #7 Ferrari TR 59/60 splashes through the rain.  This was later in the day as Hill and Gendebien started in #8 but the car failed after 77 lapts.  Dan Gurney and Chuck Daigh started #7.
 Just after the start Gendebien handles the #8 Ferrari TR 59/60.  I love the side pipes carrying the V12 sounds to the crowd.
 Practice day from above the pits.  The #9 Ferrari of Jean Behra and Cliff Allison is looked after as the pontoon Testa Rossa of E.D. Martin and Lance Reventlow goes past.
 No idea what number car this will become.  A photo taken on Thursday as the cars are unloaded.  Just a photo of a magnificent design that is ageless.  The Ferrari Testa Rossa 59/60.
 Practice preparations.  It look serious on the #14 of  E D Lunken, Augie Pabst and Gus Andrey.  They would finish 7th overall.  Could this be the same #14 Testa Rossa 58 that Hill and Gendebien won Sebring in 1958?
 Carroll Shelby rolls down pit lane in the Aston Martin DBR-1.  Later in the year Shelby and Roy Salvadori would team together to win LeMans.
 While it isn’t every year, Sebring can get rain.  Here Lance Reventlow takes his Testa Rossa down the main straight to 6th place.
 Shelby leads Moss in tha Aston vs Lister battle that would continue in the US all year.  The only change were the protagonists - it was George Constantine in the Aston and Walt Hansgen in the Lister.
 At the same time the Ferrari’s were being unloaded so was the single Aston Martin DBR-1.
 This beautiful factory car was driven by Carroll Shelby and Roy Salvadori.  While the car did not last at Sebring Shelby and Salvadori did take a DBR-1 to victory later in the year at Le Mans.  This particular car did win the Nurburgring 1000 with Stirling Moss and Jack Fairman.
 The dead car park.  The Moss/Bueb Costin Lister and the #8 Ferrari sit abandoned at the end of the pits.  The Lister would go on to glory with Walt Hansgen fighting George Constantine through all 1959.
 Some things never change.  The pit straight at Sebring in 1959.  In 1969 or 2009 or 2019 it was much the same.  Always near or over 100,000 come to celebrate Spring at the Sebring 12 hour.
 Here is Moss in the Costin Lister  he shared with 2 time LeMans winner Ivor Bueb .
  Walt Hansgen and DickThompson in one of Cunninghams “knobbly” Lister-Jags finished 12th .
 Bueb, Moss and a team member talk over who will start the race.
 While a head popped up in front of the camera, we know that Moss stood aside while Ivor made the Le Mans start.
 The Porsche RSK of Wolfgang von Trips and Joachim Bonnier finished a surprising 3rd overall just 4 laps behind the winning Ferrari.
 Ken Miles takes his RSK past the dead car park.  Miles co drove with Jack McAfee to 8th overall and 3rd under 1.5 liters.
 Don Sessler in his RSK he shared with Bob Holbert.  They were quick and only beaten by the factory RSK.  Sessler took this easily identifiable car to a great season in 1959.
 No, Ernie Erickson is not racing, he is taking the car to the grid.  He and Ed Hugus would take this Porsche RSK to 10th overall.
 Art Bunker’s RSK resting in a very neat VW hauler.  Bunker brought the car but it only practiced and never started.
 A Mechanic does a quick pit stop oil check on one of the Lotus entries.
  Jean Behra smokes while poking a journalist.  Porsche's  von Hanstein smiles at the joke.
 Carroll Shelby (L) is pensive, Roy Salvadori chats with a friend.
  Olivier Gendebien (hat) Phil Hill (behind) on the grid, were the winners .
  Paul O'Shea in striped sweater Who are the others?   O’Shea shared a Ferrari Testa Rossa 58 with Pedro Rodriguez.
 The Rodriguez brothers give the photographer some “stink eye” as Momma Rodriguez looks on.  Pedro shared a Ferrari with Paul O’Shea.  Ricardo co drove an OSCA with Alejandro deTomaso and Denise McCluggage.
 Bruce Kessler, in the USAC jacket, also gives Spankey a look.
  Big Band leader Paul Whitman was a big race fan.  He wrote and composed music and led one of America’s most popular dance bands of the 20’s and 30’s.  His big hit was the introduction of George Gershwins “Rhapsody In Blue” which Whiteman used as his theme song.
 The Ultimate Sportsman Briggs Cunningham sits in one of his Lister Jaguars.  In the fall of 58, just a few months before Sebring, Cunningham guided his yacht “Columbia” to the America’s Cup championship.  Cunningham was one in a lifetime.
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