1955 SEBRING Program Cover
  Tech inspection and the rare blue A6GCS Maserati of Thomas Friedmann waits in line
  Harry Woodnorth - Rees Makins  300SL heads back to town  after practice.
 T he Stirling Moss-Lance Macklin 100S Austin Healey passes the Siata of Austin Canley.  The Healey was 6th OA
  Porfirio Ruberosa's Ferrari Mondial sits in the hot Florida sun.  He crashed but his girlfriend fixed it with $100 bills.  The Polo player was indeed “a player”.
  Ed Crawford's blue & white Porsche 550A arrives. Crawford & John Urbas would finish 14th
  This shot is a postcard of the 1955 grid.  Start places were figured with biggest motors at the front.  The big Ferrari 375+ of Troy Ruttman and Howard Hively were placed 2nd among the Corvettes.
 1956 SEBRING cover
  They're off at 10 am running across the track for a traditional Le Mans start
  Corvette’s were  here in force with 3 cars entered by the mysterious "Raceway Enterprises".  Vette #5 doesn’t finish, #6 finishes 15th
  Briggs Cunningham drives his finned D Type into the last turn at dusk. Briggs & J Gordon Bennett were 12th  .
 Argentine Carlos Menditeguy, racer and polo player.   Menditeguy, a rising star, has a terrible accident and rolls his 3.0S Maserati just after the esses .
  The #49 MGA drives by the smashed Maserati & Menditeguy laying still and presumed dead on the track.  Carlos recovered and raced until 1960.
 Workers are sure Carlos Menditiguy is dead and are wondering what to do with him and his rolled over Maserati.
 Hey wait a minute !  This guy is still alive.  Now workers start talking how best to get him help.  But Carlos is still laying flat on the track.
 Finally a nurse and medical help work on Carlos. He ended up fine and reportedly was toasting his health with Champagne that night.
  Bill Lloyd's retired Maserati 150S sits in the paddock next to his friend Briggs Cunningham’s trailer after its gearbox broke .
  Peter Collins in the #26 Aston Martin he shared with  Stirling Moss but the gearbox broke. Collins chases the #47 150S Maserati   of Bobby Burns and Norm Scott.
 The Loyal Katskee D Type was a dnf due to an accident.
 The Hambro team of MGA’s drivers arrive at the cars and are ready to jump in and start the 12 hours.
 The #49 MGA is making a quick start.  This is the Dave Ash and Gus Ehrman car that finished 20th.
 As mentioned,  53 was DQ'd for illegal repairs - probably out on the course, here this fix is done in the paddock.
  This guy is proud to pose with the #53 Lotus 9 of Joe Shepherd that ran well but was DQ'd for making illegal repairs.
  A nasty little brushfire on the infield and hardy citizens put it out .  Sebring has always had a great spectators.
  The 150S Maserati bunch sits on the start grid before the race.  Not one of them made the finish .  But they certainly are good looking.
 The wide open first turn at Sebring.  The corner has not changed a lot but the surroundings sure have.
  A spectator's Allard J2X in street trim next to a 53 Chevy Bel Air .  Looking back over the crowd, Sebring has always been popular with fans.
  Dozens of fearless spectators sitting on top of an old barracks building watching the cars go by headed into the hairpin.
  An Oldsmobile 2 seat concept car draw's lots of attention.   Some thought Olds would go into competition with the Corvette.
  Start from the middle of the grid has the #53 and #63 Lotii and a bundle of  Arnolt Bristols  ready to take on the bumpy Sebring track.
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