BARC member Charlie Kurtz in the #77 Elva dives inside Dale Duncan in Maserati & Ninian Sanderson in D Type Jag.  Charlies Elva’s clutch would break.
 Ed Hugus in the Ferrari leads the Norm Scott, Frank Bott 550 RS. Hugus who shared with John Fitch would retire after 85 laps, the Porsche would soldier on to 39th.
 The Scuderia Cuba 2 liter 500TC Ferrari would finish 27th.  Manolo Perez de la Mesa, Santiago González and  Alfonso Gomez-Mena  would drive.
 Brooks wheels the Aston past an interested spectator.  A fabulous glance back at what track security was like.
 Yank ex-pat Harry Schell & Jean Behra were 3rd in the all new Porsche RSK.
 The Sebring High School marching band always started things Saturday morning.
 Stirling Moss arrives on his Lambretta.
 Sir Stirling checks the Aston he would share with Tony Brooks.
 Yes there were great looking women in short shorts back then.  Yes, we all stopped to admire tham.
 Carroll Shelby with National Speed Sport news Chris Economaki (white hat)
 World renown Playboy Porfirio Rubirosa "(in ascot) always with a rich woman nearby.  Barbara Hutton, Jayne Mansfield, Doris Duke and Ava Gardner among many.
 Englands Roy Salvadori co-drove with Shelby in Aston #25, but both Astons failed to finish.
 Oh Dear, just a few Ferrari’s parked on the street.  We all know how much a real California would cost now.
 Peter Collins sits in winning Ferrari. Phil Hill (far left) and Denise McCluggage (red jacket) behind.  Hill and Collins would win Sebring 1958
 Tony Brooks sits on the pit wall.  What a huge difference from today, or even from just 10 years later.
 The awards ceremony on Sunday.  Alec Ullman is being interviewed.  Phil Hill in dark suit and white shirt and tie waits to come onstage.
 Hill and Collins (in brown sports coat) get the trophy.  Not sure who the woman in pink is.
 Thank Bob Kahmer for all these great 1958 shots.  Another beautiful sunset at Sebring.  These alone are reason enough to go.
 The original 5,2 mile Sebring course.
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