1957 SEBRING program cover
 The winner for the second year in a row the fabulous Juan Manuel Fangio in the 4.5 liter Maserati he shared with Jean Behra.
  A rare 250S Maserati sits in its pit stall.  Driven by Shelby and Roy Salvadori was a dnf .  Most Maser’s were 2 liter or 3 liter.
  The 2 liter Maserati of  Jim Kimberly and Ted Boynton  from the side with the Reventlow 2.0S #27 in US racing colors behind.  1957 was not kind as neither of these cars survived the race.
 Another look at the 2.0S Maserati just because it’s so beautiful.  The #58 Cooper of Tom Hallock and Max Goldman went all the way to 18th and second in Sports 1100.
 The  Corvette SS was a huge step for GM .  The brainchild of Zora Duntov, Fangio drove it in practice and actually broke the lap record.  Here, Piero  Taruffi is driving here.  He would win the last Mille Miglia in another month and retire .
  The Corvette #3 of Jim Jeffords, Dale Duncan and Big John Kilborn ran strong to 15th OA
 This  500TR Ferrari #31 was second 2 liter car and 14th overall.  Driven by George Arents, Jan deVroom and David Cunningham  this car would race successfully in the US for many more years.
  The Porsche factory brought its new 550RS but neither factory car survives.  US privateers finish 8th & 9th OA and win sports 1500.   #44 with Art Bunker and Charley Wallace were the winners.  The 43e #45 was 2nd.
  Ed Crawford's famous blue Porsche 550 retired with gearbox failure.
  The Lotus team cars.  #59 won Sport 1100 with Colin Chapman, Joe Shephard and Dick Dungan .  The #60 of west coast drivers was a dnf.
  Dave Ash moves to the side for the Doc Wyllie,  Charles Moran Lotus.  The MGA #51 has been a BARC car since 1959 .
  Doc Wylie pushes his Lotus XI LeMans back to their pit stall. The car was DQ'd for outside assistance.
  The #49 MGA won GT 1600. but where it is now?  Canadians John Burgess and Lino Baggio have a tribute car but only the #51 exists today.
  Hap Dressel, Don Cullen and Bill Woodbury's AC Bristol  completed 154 laps for 22nd overall.
  Bernard Cahier (red shirt) with Fangio (white hat) and an admirer before the race start .
  Ol' Tex Carroll Shelby in his bib coveralls  and the first lady of Sebring, Mrs. Alec Ullman.
  1958 SEBRING Program Cover
 A super shot of the two factory Ferrari’s being chased by the yellow nosed Aston Martin.
 Mike Hawthorne wheels the #15,  Hawthorne was always easy to identify as he always used a face shield.  Mike would become World Champion in F1 in 1958 but be killed on his way to an awards dinner in the winter.
 At speeds so fast the camera blurs… or the cameraman was walking up the bridge, stopped an clicked off a shot.
 The #`15 Ferrari far out on the backside of the original Sebring course leaving the old Webster turns. Back in the day one lap was over 5 miles. Even today one lap is a long 3.1 miles.
 Von Trips in the #15 Ferrari.  While it was not running at the finish, they completed 159 laps which were enough to have been classified as 22nd.
 The E.D, Martin, Chet Flynn & Ed Hugus Ferrari TR,  We’re not sure who is behind the wheel but we do know it did not finish.
 Another look at one of the amazing pontoon fendered 58 Testa Rosa’s.
 What appears to be an English Gentleman looks into the Moss Brooks DBR-1.
 Moss in the Aston he shared with Tony Brooks.
 A nice shot of Brooks in the Aston from the pedestrian bridge.
 Carroll Shelby & Roy Salvadori's DBR 1 lasted only 62 laps.
 Jean Behra with his famous checkered flag helmet in #42 RSK which retired with gearbox problems.
 Ed Hugus in the Ferrari leads the Norm Scott, Frank Bott 550 RS.  Hugus who shared with John Fitch would retire after 85 laps, the Porsche would soldier on to 39th.
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