Sebring 1960.  The factory brings 4 cars.  One, the P car, for practice and UMO93, 95 & 96 as race cars.  They sported different paint schemes to reflect the nationalities of the drivers.  The British drivers car was all BRG.  The US car Green with 1 white stripe and accents, the Canadian green with 2 white stripes.  After the race #40 was sold to a privateer in Florida while 39 and P went to Western New York with two of the big Healey's on a deal brokered by Dick Eklund, and were raced for several years by Ecurie Pip.  The dnf  #38 car was brought to Buffalo and repaired.  An 5th, extra car went to Hamilton, Ontario.  38, 39 and 40 are happily all accounted for and in running condition in 2007. 
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 Bob Wilson drove the 1960 Sebring Twin Cam # 38 at the Glen GP in 1960 to a 30th place finish.  39 was 11th and P was 15th. 60 Watkins Glen MGCC races
and #38 is for sale by Ecurie Pip. This was the British drivers car and DNF'd with a swallowed valve.
Steve Woodyard has owned UMO 95
two times and has it with him in Oregon.
#38 comes in for a checkup behind the practice car, reportedly lost when it sunk in the Caribbean.  P was bought by Bob Duell BMC did promo photos at Reed's
Motel in Sebring.  Reed's is still
there and looks much the same
UMO 96 now lives in Germany
with the Propsting family. Not sure who
is standing next to her in this photo.
Art Smith has #39 for sale in the Western New York snow.  He bought it direct from Hambro/BMC as part of the Eklund deal. The start and 39 narrowly avoids Moss who had problems starting the Birdcage.  Only 11 hours and 59 minutes to go... #39 won FP at the 1968 Watkins Glen 100, with a proud Dave Nicholas showing an early I am #1 or his IQ,
we are not sure
1960 Sebring. This was the Canadian car with 2 white stripes. Finished 1st MG, 3rd in GT1600 behind the Carrera Porsche's
Not sure if the men in the photo are
driver's but they seem to be happy.
Jim Parkinson and Jack Flaherty drove the US car.  Note it is all green here but had white accents for the race #40  UMO 93 had a good race and was 2d MG and 4th in GT1600.  #40 now belongs to the John Wright stable in Pennsylvania alongside the
#53 coupe from 1962.
Parkinson chases Jim Forno's
Morgan.  The Mog never finished.