Sports cars filled the field and were driven by
some pretty fast guys.  LeMans winner Roy Salvadori was one.
The Canadians had 5 car & driver combos

photo credit: Dave Nicholas, John E. Kelley, Spankey Smith, Dave Zych

Watkins Glen
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Everybody wanted to race against the Formula one stars, but the SCCA still had tight reigns on many of their
drivers and some of our fastest stayed home.  They'd all come out in 1961 for the first Glen US Grand Prix
but it would have been fun to see Hansgen and Penske and their cars
1958 Formula Libre
1959 Formula Libre

1960 F Libre Pg 1
Roy Salvadori, fresh from winning
LeMans for Aston Martin whipped
this Cooper Monaco to 3rd
Paul O'shea drove this LeMans
D Type to 7th place
The Jag was odd.  An XK-SS
windshield and a roll bar made
it quite unusual
Canadian Francis Bradley's
RS-60 finished a fast 5th
Bradley as he takes the
Porsche out for warmups
World renown automotive artist
Dave Nicholas sketch's the two
Yoeman Credit Cooper's
Fabulous shot by John Kelley of Paul O'Shea, Sy Kayback, Murdoch's Connaught and others into the hairpin  Intense on the grid.. Brabham
prepares for the day
John Cooper in sweater stands
behind his world chamion
car and driver
Gendebien was always friendly
as he posed for this grid shot
  3 wide start  with Will Bradley (23) Plaisted (15) and Kaback (14)
all chasing Entwistles Lotus
Fran Bradley narrowly leads Stutz
Plaisted's FII Cooper.  Plaisted
hounded the Porsche to 6th
Rob Walker answers the question why Black Label is so expensive.  The answer?  Moss' salary