Albany Times Union Obituary
written by Holly Cargill-Cramer

1937 - 2008
I don't know how best to talk about a guy like
Cargill.  They truly don't make anymore like
him - and frankly didn't make many to begin with.
I'm not alone.  Read the comments written in his

Guest Book
Cargill's XK120 at the Glen in 1959 The typical I'm gonna kick your ass look from the
Dodge Boy's #1 Assassin at Lime Rock 1976
Bruce's Big Breast is about to give
Nicholas something to talk about
Bruce with first wife Elaine
Sebring 1975
After hours of heavy drinking, Fast Phred Stevenson
makes the mistake of going into a porta pottie at Sebring.  Cargill, being Cargill must do something
Bruce in that animal of a Jag
this time at Lime Rock 1960

  Fred will never talk to me again, but this
shot is simply too good not to publish
 Catch you later Bruce
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