March 27, 1965
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photo credits: Michael Eaton - the Dave Ash collection;  David Friedman

Sebring Program
Buck Fult has his Ferrari pushed to the side on lap 104 with no gears Helmet in hand Fulp gets ready
for a long walk back to the pits
the Lola was fast but only lasted
55 laps with John Cannon and
Jack Saunders
Don  Yenko springs into action
trying to figure out what to do with
the flat LR
Then  Yenko tries to limp the #6
Corvette home after the RR wheel has broken off
The gorgeous Lotus 19J modified
by Shelby and driven by Dan Gurney
and Jerry Grant was a DNF
The stubby Lotus gets pushed
back from Tech to the garage.  The Lotus qualified 5th fastest
Oscar Kovaleski in the "rat" Cooper
he co drove with Sherm Decker.  The
car went  70 laps
Sherm flying low in the Cooper
before the rains came
The view most other drivers had
of the winning Chaparral.
From behind.
  The Blimp got tied down and then
left when the big storm hit.
A busy gal photographer gave us
more than a GT-40 to shoot
Frank Manley and Ken Sellers kept
the Renault running the whole
12 hours to 40th place
The Shelby-American guys were
organized and prepared.  Here is
the tire temp chart for the GT-40's
How do I get into the bathroom
Or is it a porta-john?
Or is Shelby hiding something?
Business end of the Lola
gets final look over on
Friday night
Night preparations for the Mecom
Ferrari and Lola.  Did they use parts
from the tractor?
Mecom Mechanic Rudy greases
gearbox pieces for the 250LM