Sebring Results
courtesy of Team Dan
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March 27, 1965
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photo credits: Michael Eaton - the Dave Ash collection
results from Darren Galpin and

The original course
Bruce McLaren was a happy
man driving for Ford to
a solid second.
Phil Hill was in the #10
GT-40 with old friend Richie
Ginther.  But the car failed them.
Ken The Hawk Miles and McLaren
drove the #11 to second behind the
winning Chaparral
Freckle faced Ginther was a brilliant
test driver and engineer as well
as a very fast racer
Sherm Decker goes through his FIA physical.  Very typical of international
races in those days
Dick Thompson forsake his beloved
Corvettes and drove a Cobra to 19th
with Graham Shaw
Phil Hill tells everyone what's
wrong.  Ginther looks concerned
and Jerry Grant smiles knowingly
Miles steps out of #11 on Thursday
after practice. 
Pedro Rodriguez gives co driver
Graham Hill some advice on
the Ferrari
Decker gets a kick watching co driver Oscar Kovaleski take his eye exam. Just part of the driver physical.
Spare Ford motor with special
instructions on installation
  A view through the hood opening
of the #14 Daytona Coupe
The two Ford GT-40's on Main Street Sebring driving back to their garage. You won't see that today The International debut of the
Lola T-70 one of the most beautiful racing cars ever built
Cars line up in the town square for
tech inspection.  The mustang raced on Friday
The Spitfire team is largely ignored
by the Florida shuffleboarders
Traffic jam leaving the course after
Thursday practice.