March 27, 1965
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photo credits: Michael Eaton - the Dave Ash collection
Art Riley & Nick Cone's  P1800 did not make the finish after a huge
accident with the #20 Cobra
Quick Rick Hayden in SoCal  now
owns the 51 and it is gorgeous.
A lotta work after what was left.
Paddy Hopkirk & Timo Mäkinen took this amazing Sprite to 18th OA More amazing was the 61 of Clive Baker and Rauno Aaltonen at
15th overall
Who is passing who? The 57 Alfa was 27th, the Healey 3000 was 17th
Gerhard Mitter and Herbert Linge were 9th OA in their factory 904 Scooter Patrick and Dave Jordan made 10th in #41 Porsche from Precision motors Briggs Cunningham and John Fitch took their 904 to 20th 6th OA was the 904 Porsche of Joe Buzzetta and Dutchman Ben Pon The legend Howard Hanna and Richard Toland ran all 12 hours to 42d in this Renault Djet
Poor #56 had troubles all day
but managed to keep going to a nice 2d in GT 1.6 and 24th OA
Here Andrea de Adamich or Roberto
Bussinello tries to get the stalled
GTZ going.
Somehow the soaked driver
fixes it and carries on.  No such
relief for the flagman
Merle Brennen and Frank Morrill
took the #49 MGB poster car to
25th overall (top right)
The #48 MGB with Brad Picard
and Al Pease a couple northeast
guys finished 32nd
  Porsche Super90 of Dave McLain
and Leland Dieas had a good
race to 31st overall
Ray Cuomo drove this Beach Mk 8
Ford for 16 laps before it broke.  What is a Beach Mk 8?
Peter Bolton only made 5 laps
in this Spitfire before crashing out
Bruno Deserti's Alfa GTZ about
to be eaten by Jim Hall's
winning Chaparral