Shelby's tire temp charts
March 27, 1965
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photo credits: Michael Eaton - the Dave Ash collection

Sebring Program
Delmo Johnson and Dave Morgan
did finish the race in this Gran Sport Corvette, but in 36th
George Wintersteen, Peter Goetz & Milt Diehl took this Gran Sport to 14th George Robinson and Dick Boo
took this fairly stock Vette to 33rd
Don Yenko  and John Bushell lost a wheel and DNF'd in the #6 Vette Larry Sachs now owns the #6
car and promises he has
straightened the grille
Charlie Rainville and Mike
Gammino made 122 laps before crashing out
Silvio Moser's Iso-Griffo or Bizzarini never got wet.  They crashed out
after 16 laps
Dick Thompson and Dan Shaw
drove Shaw's Cobra through the rain
to 19th, 1 spot behind the Sprite
Ed Lowther and Bob Nagel DNF'd
after the 93rd lap with
mechanical problems
George Reed & Dan Gerber failed to finish in this Cobra. Looks like Ken Miles but it's Gerber at the wheel
Bob Grossman and Skip Hudson
had their diff break at 122 laps
Charlie Kolb and Buck Fulp (shown here) took Fulps 330P to 104 laps before the gearbox broke Walt Hansgen took Mark Donohue to his 1st Sebring in Mecom's 250LM and finished in 11th - 2d in class Pedro Rodriguez is so short he can barely see in Mecom's 330P he shared with Graham Hill Ed Hugus, Charlie Hayes, Paul Richards & Tom O'Brien's 275P almost beat Hansgen/Donohue
The Umberto Maglioi/Giancarlo Baghetti 275P leads the class winning Alfa GTZ Grossman leads Graham Hill at the second hour mark, both in 330P's Who put the Ferrari in the sand
bank?  Hansgen or Donohue?
Skip Scott broke Peter Clarke's
GTO before Clarke every got in
when he fried the clutch
Mauro Bianchi & Willy Mairesse's 275P did not have a good day finishing 23rd