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1964 SEBRING  Page 2
The boys have cars and find their way back to Florida
for what appears to be the last trip for a while.  A stop at Daytona for spring break
and on to the race.  Camping, Beer, Sneaking past the guards.  Not so many
great photos, but lots of great memories

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photo credits:  Dave Zych, Dave Nicholas, Gordy Ruston, Others
This Cortina was entered in
the 3 hour
Jim Clark really drove a Cortina
in the 12 hour race
Surtees shows Bandini (in Helmet)
the cockpit of the 330P
The Lotus East Elan of Newt Davis
Paul Layman and Pete Pulver
Where are the course marshals?
Gurney/Bob Johnson Cobra ran strong but Johnson smashed into Gina Lollobrigida's brothers Alfa in a fiery nighttime disaster Parks takes the #22 275P
into the Webster turns
Some of the boys with the
#47 MGB that finished 17th
A casual picnic next to the track.
You won't see this today !!
Photographer ignores the Surtees Ferrari
waiting for the perfect shot

The setup begins.  Note bottles of
Carling Black label and stolen grapefruit
Jerry Kenyon plays guitar, Gordy reaches for the Chianti, Jack wonders why
he came and Nicholas ?
The only shot we got of Sir John
was fuzzy.  No auto focus in 1964
The tent is going up and Nicholas wants
to use his axe on Gordy for drinking too much beer
The starting grid for the 3 hour
sedan race