62 Sebring Pg 1    62Sebring Pg 2  Sebring home

photo credits: Dave Nicholas, Dave Zych, John E Kelley, Michael Eaton, Spankey Smith
EType Fitch #43Alpine
John Fitch & Briggs Cunningham won
GT4 in the lightweight E Type
The Kingham brothers AC
lasted only 45 laps
The Alpine's beat the MG's in 62 Freddie
Barrett had trouble in #43
Little 850 Abarth of Jean Guichet
Alfonso Thiele was 10th OA.!.
Honest it is a Ford Falcon driven
by NASCAR's Marvin Panch
  Elva MkVI of Tweedale, Alan Ross
& Ben Warren was a DNF
The Elva shape was a
few years ahead of its time
  #60 Alfa of Carlo Facetti and Massimo
de Priolo were 12th OA
MG51MGBridge MGA51LeavesPits
Annual Sebring MG drivers
Parkinson-Flaherty were 17th
Jack Sears #52 at the MG bridge
This was the first MGA
You have to have shots of
MG's at MG bridge
MGA 51 leaves the pits while
the Rodriguez Ferrari suffers
The John Wright MGA passes
some backmarker
The very fast turn 1 with Daigh's
Chaparral chasing Bonnier
Fast group Chaparral, Ferrari and
Corvette headed for turn 1 at speed
Team MGA showing their
cars in town on Thursday
Pit action for the Charlie Hayes, Chuck Dietrich, Carl; Haas 250GT Bianchi in the winning Ferrari
passes a Corvette