Chaparell Chaparral Chapparal chaparral-Ferrari Drag Cooper #21 CooperMGBridge FerrariGT#22 EType Fitch
The #10 Chaparral
finished a fine 6th
62 was the last year
for front engine winner
The #10 had 4
drivers share the ride
Chuck Daigh in #11
battles with winner
McLaren & Penske
in Cooper were 5th
Spectators watch
Penske's Cooper
The Tavano/Davis
250GT was DFNF
John Fitch & Briggs
in the E Type
ferrari-corvette Ferrari#23 GTO InnesIreland #34Ferrari #34FerrariBraking 2 corvettes
The winning Ferrari
passes a Corvette
The winning #23 of Lucian
Bianchi * Jo Bonnier
Phil Hill GTO was
2d with Gendebien
Innes Ireland & Moss
were DQ'd
The Rodriguez bros
only made 97 laps
But they were
always very fast
The #1 Corvette
passes broken #3
Wuesthoff, Rand
& Jennings 3rd OA
Ferrari35 #36Ferrari #43Alpine 49PorscheAbarth #4CorvetteColor   FerrariGT#28
Grossman & Allan
Connell were DNF
Buck Fulp & Peter
Ryan in a Dino
The Alpine's beat
the MG's in 62
But the 1.6 Abarth
Porsche beat em all
Delmo Johnson-Dave
Morgan Corvette
  Hugus & Reed
co drove  #28
They finished
8th OA - 3d GT
MG51MGBridge MGA51LeavesPits
Testing the Elva It ran but never
made the finish
MGA was 17th
Jack Sears #52
at the MG bridge
Has to have shots of
MG's at MG bridge
MGA's in town ready
to go to the track
51 sits in the rain
waiting for battle
51 leaves the pits
while 34 suffers
Little 850 Abarth
was 10th OA.!.
George Constantine
Gus Andrey
BARC was not
just all about cars !!
Part of the Sebring
The Ferrari showed up
with #49 -raced #20
NASCAR's Marvin
Panch in a Falcon
Fast group headed
for turn 1 at speed
Broken birdcage