Results 1960 Sebring
thanks to Darren Galpin
Page 2
Ferrari's were our passion and Sebring had more than we had ever
seen and I think we shot every one that was there.

The Start was amazing and we captured it well - see below
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photo credits: Dave Nicholas, Dave Zych, John E Kelley, Michael Eaton, Spankey Smith
#28Ricardo #28Ferrari
Ricardo takes over the Dino from a
fuel stop - but was DNF
Pedro Rodriguez in the sweet 2.6
Ferrari Dino
Pedro & Ricardo look over their
mount on Friday
Thursday night after day practice
waiting for night to come
The late Chuck Daigh hustling
the Testa Rosa towards the hairpin
#8FerrariHand #7Ferrari
Pete Lovely in the Nethercutt
Testa Rosa
Jack Nethercutt brings his #8
Ferrari into pits
Refueling #8 late in the day on the
way to 3rd OA.
Pushing the gorgeous #8 to the
grid on race day morning
Chuck Daigh/Richie Ginther #7
Ferrari never finished
#10Ferrari #11FerrariAfter #14Ferrari
Ed Hugus & Augie Pabst were 4th
overall in the Berlinetta
This gorgeous yellow SWB was 7th
Geroge Arents & Bill Kimberly
Bill Sturgis & Fritz D'Orey
were 6th in this Berlinetta
Constantine, Dean McCarthy & Bob
Publicker were 10th OA
Georgio Scarlatti & Carlo Abate
were 8th in this California
The #17 California George Reed &
Alan Connell were 5th
Drivers wait for the 10 am start A true LeMans start - drivers jumping
into their cars hoping they'll start
Most are off. Note #39 is just
closing the drivers door
Tire and exhaust smoke and the
12 hours begins